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The Beginning of Delicious

It was 1936, the end of the Great Depression, when Lawrence Shipley, Sr. created a gourmet recipe for Do-Nuts. So delicious were the Do-Nuts that theyhave withstood the test of time. Cut by hand and served hot throughout the day, the Do-Nuts were 5 cents a dozen and were only sold wholesale. The product was so successful that it started to sell on the retail market in the mid 1940s. With Lawrence Sr. away on do-nut routes, his wife Lillie would stay behind and make the culinary delights with Lawrence Jr. at her knee.

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The Shipley Do-Nuts concept, like many successful foodservice operations, relies on well trained and qualified staff to support its daily goal of quality and consistent performance. We have strived over the past seventy-eight years to simplify its operation through experience and hard work. The concept requires the development of a staff which is committed to this daily goal to ensure the maintenance of the standards we have set.

Shipley Do-Nuts Flour & Supply Company provides a proprietary donut mix that requires only water and yeast to be added at the store level. Therefore, very little scaling or measuring of ingredients is needed that could cause inconsistent product quality. Our equipment used in the production process is recognized as some of the highest quality and most often found type used in the bakery industry set to the design of our shop specifications. The use of stainless steel is prevalent in our kitchen design to ensure durability and appearance. The ability to present a clean kitchen and store is paramount in the retention of customers.Read More >

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Shipley Do-Nuts Active In The Community

"Making Life Delicious Since 1936"

At Shipley Do-Nuts, giving back to the community that has helped us become who we are today is one of our top priorities. From schools, to churches to charity groups, we help a wide variety of people. Over the years, we have tried to be involved with as many organizations as we can. We receive quite a few requests on a daily basis ranging from product donations and gift certificates to monetary contributions. We read every single one of them. Please take this into consideration when submitting your request. While we can't help everyone, we sure do try. Sometimes the demand is greater than our budget will allow.

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