Yeast Donuts

Yeast Donuts

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Yeast donuts have actually been around for much longer than we would expect.

It wasn’t until 1830 when cooks started using baking powder and baking soda that the cake donut appeared on bakery shelves.

Today, the simple glazed yeast donut still tops the list of favorites throughout the world. It was this simple donut that was first offered by the original Shipley back in 1936 when he first started offering hot glazed donuts to the world.

What Do Yeast Donuts Taste Like?

A yeast donut is fluffier than the cake donut. In the cooking process, the donut rises becoming lighter with a slightly crispy outside.

If you break the donut, you will find many little air pockets that give the donut its lightness.

The taste is subtle, which makes it perfect for the sweet glazes that often accompany a plain donut.

This light flavor is also what makes the yeast donut the choice for filled donuts.

The light dough absorbs the flavor of the filling, creating a treat that satisfies your taste buds. Yeast donuts are not often flavored with anything other than vanilla.

Their taste usually comes from the outer layer or filling, or both like the ones filled with rich cinnamon-apple and sprinkled with a cinnamon-sugar coating.

Yeast vs. Cake Donuts

What are the major differences between yeast and cake donuts?

The cake donut is made with a heavy batter that has a richer flavor, more buttery, than a yeast donut. Yeast donuts are made for fillings, and cake donuts work better with heavier frosting. The cake donut allows for the addition of other flavors right in the batter, whereas the yeast donut is content with the airy, subtle flavor of vanilla with a yeast bite.

Yeast Donuts, “Back in the Day”

In many cases, it was a yeast donut you first tasted as a child.

These donuts take more time to prepare. You can taste the love and attention needed to make them perfectly.

Shipley’s Yeast Donuts

All of our donuts are made with love and care, but the simple glazed yeast donut holds a special place in both our history and our hearts.

For your next gathering, visit your nearest Shipley Do-Nut shop. If you don’t like glazed donuts, try one of our many filled varieties of yeast donuts.



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