World’s Biggest Donut

World’s Biggest Donut


In 1993, the world’s biggest donut was made a reality. Filled with delightful jelly, this titan pastry holds its place in the Guinness World Records, inspiring bakers and donut enthusiasts alike. How could such a massive dessert be possible? Cooking on such a large scale is no simple feat, but a team of bakers rose to the occasion.


Utica: Where the Legend Was Born

The setting for this ambitious experiment was Utica, New York, a large town located East of Syracuse and Northwest of Albany. Home to many historic sites, a diverse population, and beautiful landscape, Utica may seem like a strange place for such an attempt. But it was here that three organizations came together to achieve the extraordinary.


Cooperation of Epic Proportions

Due to the cost, labor, and sheer volume of ingredients necessary to pull off this enterprise, a team effort was the only possible option. Donato’s Bakery, Hemstrought’s Bakeries, and WKLL-FM radio station―known today as KRock―all had a hand in the undertaking. Sadly, Donato’s Bakery is no longer be in business in Utica. However, its contributions to the largest donut in history have ensured it won’t be easily forgotten.

The Hemstrought’s Bakeries establishment is a Utica staple, having been open for nearly 100 years. As a Utica classic in their right, it makes sense that Hemstrought’s Bakeries would want a hand in putting their town on the record books.

The KRock radio station, which plays music from bands like Coheed & Cambria, Weezer, and Pop Evil, was instrumental in organizing this project. After all, who better to broadcast news of the town triumph than the local radio station?


Labor of Love

While the result was spectacular, the actual baking was a Herculean task. Based on the dimensions of the final product and a recipe for regular-sized donuts, we can calculate approximately how much of each ingredient was needed to conquer this project. ― What we get is the following:

• 5,610 cups of flour
• 7,854 grams of yeast
• 370 cups of sugar
• 1,683 cups of milk
• 70 cups of butter
• 70 cups of shortening
• 2,244 eggs
• 842 teaspoons of salt
• 842 cups of jelly for filling

With the exception of the jelly, these ingredients had to be thoroughly mixed, then dropped into a fryer. While we have no idea how the bakers were able to stuff that much jelly into this huge pastry, we commend them for going the extra mile when they had the option to settle for a much more simpler, glazed donut.


The Record-Breaking Results

The final product ended up being truly massive, with the following mind-blowing dimensions:

• A weight of 3,739 pounds
• A diameter of 16 feet
• A height of 16 inches

These dimensions are comparable to that of an SUV in weight, as wide as a moving truck is long, and as tall as the average sunflower. This record-breaking donut is also the equivalent of 22,434 regular-sized donuts and around 934,750 calories. Based on the recommended 2,500 daily calorie count, it would take one person about 374 days to eat the whole thing.


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