Where Are Donuts Most Popular?

Where Are Donuts Most Popular?

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Donuts have been around in one form or another for centuries. The donut as we know it, round with a hole in the middle, became popular in the early days of the United States. The sweet doughy treats have found their way into nearly every town of this country and have even traveled across oceans. Many places have developed special flavors that draw crowds to taste them, but the classic flavors like glazed and angel cream-filled are still the most popular. Even though donuts have become widespread throughout the whole country, there are still some specific cities where they remain especially popular.

Nashville, TN

Donuts are popular here because they offer a quick breakfast before a full day’s schedule of fun. They make great after-concert treats for adults and kids alike. Packing the car with donuts and other treats, you can get out and enjoy anything that comes your way during the day without having to spend time looking for a place to stop and eat.

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson offers the laid-back atmosphere of days gone by. Residents love tradition, and those traditions include a Saturday trip to the donut shop with the little ones. They also find their way to many church suppers and summer cookouts.

Aurora, Colorado

Mountain hikes are big here. Hikers have found that donuts are easy to pack in their bags, make quick nourishment breaks that leave only crumbs behind (which the birds quickly clean up), and they offer a taste of familiarity when you are surrounded by the sounds of nature that are so often quiet among the city noise.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is famous for all the Texas grandness. For all the activity and wildness that draws people to this city, the down-home atmosphere of a donut shop that has a history of making people smile with its simple goodness and open friendliness is one of the favorite places here.

El Dorado, Arkansas

This may not be the El Dorado of movies and books, but the people here consider donuts to be a treasure. Whether out for an evening stroll or on the way to a weekend sporting event, the residents and visitors to this southern town take a stroll back into the past where life was less stressful, and the smell of freshly made donuts could put everyone in a better mood.

Wherever you wander, take a moment to find out where you can find the local Shipley Do-Nuts shop. We have the donuts that will make anywhere you are the best place to eat a donut!

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