What Kind of Donuts Are There?

What Kind of Donuts Are There?


The origin of donuts is something that many people feel will never be known for sure. Originally, the sweet dough was fried and people didn’t like the way the outside would get crispy but the middle remained uncooked. Today, the sweet dough now comes in varieties that see it covered in many different frostings, glazes, and items such as sprinkles. Others come with sweet cream or fruit flavor nestled inside. Your local donut shop will have donuts in a variety of shapes, but exactly what kinds of basic donuts are there? Let’s take a look.

Yeast Donuts

This batter is prepared with yeast that helps the donut rise to a fluffy goodness. The batter is more like a sweet bread. It is this yeast batter that is often adapted for donuts with fillings. Yeast donuts can also be made by twisting the batter so that it forms a long treat that is most often covered with glaze.

Cake Donuts

Cake donuts have a consistency that is more like a cake than bread. They are often heavier in texture than yeast donuts, and are normally only found in the traditional ring shape. When people make donuts at home, it is more often the cake type that is prepared.


Old fashioned donuts have a more ragged appearance that allows for a more outer surface. These donuts are normally round with a hole in the middle, but they are less dense than the traditional yeast donut and have a crispier texture because of the greater exterior surface.


These are the basics of all the donuts you now find in your local bakery. Some have developed different names, such as the fritter, with bits of fruit mixed into the batter before frying, or the long john, which is a cream-filled donut that is shaped like a long bullet rather than in a circle.

Donut vs. Doughnut

There is actually no difference between these. Originally, the fried-dough treats were spelled ‘doughnut.’ When bakers decided to introduce this treat into other countries, they shortened the spelling to make it easier to spell in non-English speaking countries. However you spell it, it all comes down to one of the country’s most popular bakery items.

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