The Gourmet Donut Craze

The Gourmet Donut Craze

Since 1847, people have been happy eating donuts. Each day, millions of people enjoy the typical powdered donuts, plain donuts, jelly donuts and chocolate donuts with sprinkles. Lately, donut makers around the world are getting more creative and trying out new flavors and new designs, so-called “gourmet” donuts.

We, at Shipley Do-Nuts, make a wide variety of donuts to suit everyone’s tastes. Call them “gourmet” or just call them “delicious,” we know you’ll love our Do-Nuts!

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Most Creative Gourmet Donuts

People who live to make donuts are always trying to come up with the most delicious and creative gourmet donuts. Fortunately, for anyone who loves donuts, gourmet chefs are coming up with better, more original donuts all the time.

Cereal Based Donuts: Donuts have been considered a breakfast food almost as long as they have been around. Today, donut makers are giving them a breakfast theme. You can find donuts encrusted with your favorite sugary cereal. Paired with a glass of milk, these breakfast-themed gourmet donuts are a treat.

Alcohol Infused Donuts: Gourmet donut makers are thinking out of the box, and giving their donuts a special kick. The Tiramisu donut includes a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Margarita lovers can enjoy donuts whose recipe calls for strawberry jelly, tequila, and salt in the glaze. These gourmet treats give lovers of donuts a chance to enjoy these sweet treats during happy hour.

Green Tea Donuts: Until now, many health fanatics shied away from donuts. Today, health fanatics can enjoy green tea donuts. They have the rich flavor of green tea in the cake and in the glaze.

Candy Inspired Donuts: If you have a sweet tooth, donut makers have created recipes just for you. Candy inspired donuts can be topped with just about any type of candy, including M&M’s, Nerds, and even gummy worms.

The Future of Donuts

Even though the donut was invented more than 150 years ago, they are continuing to evolve. Donut makers are doing new and exciting things such as:

Bacon Glazed Donuts: At first glance, people who love donuts looked at this new flavor as something that they would never eat. After the first bite, that idea changes. Bacon donuts are a simple glazed donut, topped with a few pieces of bacon. The combination of the two is delicious.

Donuts Used in Sandwiches: You can use a variety of types of bread to make a sandwich. Over the past few years, people are thinking outside the box when it comes to sandwiches. Wraps, croissants, and even bagels are commonly used in sandwiches. Today, people are even using donuts to make a sandwich. Whether it is a breakfast sandwich or a grilled cheese, donuts can be a delicious addition.

Donuts for a Hot Dog Bun: Hot dog lovers can get bored with the typical old hot dog bun. Gourmet donut makers have done something about that. By cutting the donuts in half and hollowing it out, they have more than enough room to squeeze in a bit of mustard and a chopped up hot dog.

If you are looking for one of the best gourmet donuts around, you should try Shipley Donuts. Since 1936, our expert bakers have been creating new and interesting gourmet donuts to please just about everyone. Contact us for more information on this amazing gourmet donut franchise.

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