Shipley Do-Nuts is Coming to Colorado!

Shipley Do-Nuts is Coming to Colorado!

Shipley Do-Nuts expands to Colorado

Shipley Do-Nuts is spreading the sweet taste of Texas to the Centennial State, and Colorado do-nuts will never be the same.

The first store featuring Shipley’s 50 types of do-nuts and pastries is scheduled to open in Denver this year, with another 57 planned statewide in coming years. The expansion will add more than 800 jobs to the state’s economy, delighting Colorado residents, do-nut aficionado or not.

Taste the Shipley Do-Nut Difference

While there are plenty of do-nut shops in Colorado, very few, if any, offer fresh, warm, high-quality do-nuts, pastries and kolaches like Shipley Do-Nuts does. Not only has the Shipley Do-Nut recipe withstood the test of time, it has won over generations of fans and even gained admirers throughout the United States.

Originating in Houston, Texas, in 1936, Shipley Do-Nuts has now gained so much popularity it has expanded outside of Texas and has establishments throughout Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, to name a few states.

With Shipley Do-Nuts, Colorado residents also gain a new artisan experience like no other. While most bakeries and restaurants keep the food-making process behind closed doors, Shipley Do-Nuts allows its customers to see every step involved in making the sweet and artfully created treats they are about to enjoy.

Nothing is hidden from the customers because there is nothing to hide. Treats are made from the original Shipley recipes and are served fresh out of the oven. Seeing their treats being made also adds an extra sparkle to younger customer’s eyes. To children, Shipley Do-nuts isn’t just a place to enjoy sweets; it’s also a show.

A Family Tradition

Lawrence Shipley III, a third-generation member of the Shipley Do-Nut management family, currently leads Shipley Do-Nuts. Under his leadership, the company maintains the Shipley traditions that gave the brand its fame when it first opened eight decades ago. Great family recipes, warm and fresh pastries and great customer services continue as integral parts of the Shipley Do-Nuts experience.

The company intends to continue expanding across the United States with a goal of 400 stores by 2020.

For more information about Shipley Do-Nuts and its offerings in Colorado, check out the Shipley menu and store locator. You can also stay up to date on everything Shipley Do-Nuts on its Facebook and Twitter social media outlets.


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