Donuts You Didn’t Know Existed, But Are Delicious!

Donuts You Didn’t Know Existed, But Are Delicious!

Crazy Donuts

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we offer a wide variety of delicious donuts. However, while our ideas are creative, there are some other strange donuts from all over the world that may cause you to scratch your head. But don’t worry; they’re actually delicious!

Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we are proud of all our varied donuts on our menu. We are a donut shop that offers many different types of donuts and kolaches to enjoy. And yet, many different donuts from around the world are creative – wild even. Bakers all over the globe have tried crazy combinations to make donuts you may not know exist delicious taste sensations you have yet to experience.

Donuts Paired with Meat

Many blogs out there have compiled lists of some of the craziest donuts. One of the most outlandish donut flavors we’ve seen are those paired with meat. This craze started with the bacon donut. The combination of the savory bacon and a maple or chocolate glaze has proved to be an unexpectedly great combination.

The meat with donut combo has grown from there. Recently, a recipe for a maple Spam donut has surfaced. Very similar to the bacon donut, this treat mixes sweet with salty, light with crunchy. Another donut shop has created a chicken and waffle donut. This treat – normally a southern dinner delectable – has been turned into a donut, and people are pleased.

Donuts from All Over the World

These strange donut creations are not just happening in America. There are crazy donut- makers all over the world. In Singapore, a Dunkin Donuts shop has created a Wasabi Cheese donut. We can only imagine how that one tastes! In India, there is a donut called the Southern Spice Donut. This pastry is made with various southern spices, and then topped with green chilis and thyme. Who said donuts always have to be sweet?

Donut Sandwiches

Finally, we’ve got donuts people make into sandwiches! Television shows and blogs are catching onto this new trend and actually like it. Imagine your favorite hamburger with the toppings you enjoy the most. Now, eliminate the bun, and replace it with a sweet glazed donut cut right through the middle. It may sound strange, but donut burgers actually create an interesting and tasty combination of sweet and savory.

If you prefer a completely sweet sandwich, there’s something for you, too. People are now eating donut ice cream sandwiches. Just like the burger, a donut is cut in half, but this time, your favorite ice cream flavor is slapped in the middle. Delicious!

Check Your Favorite Donut Shop’s Variety of Donut Flavors

Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we want to brighten your day by offering the best, most delicious donut flavors. Read about the kinds of donuts we make daily, and then stop by one of our many locations to start snacking right now!


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