Why Donuts Are Better Than Bagels

Why Donuts Are Better Than Bagels

Donuts Are Better Than Bagels_Shipley DoNuts

Donuts and bagels. Bagels and donuts. They have long been breakfast and snack adversaries, staples in the battle for that perfect pick-me-up food that is both filling and convenient, but today it’s time to make it clear that there is one clear winner. Donuts are better than bagels and here is why.

Donuts Are the Healthier Option

Donuts may have a bad reputation when it comes to health, but they are less likely to give you a breakfast belly than other breakfast breads. While many opt for a bagel as a healthy-alternative, bagels can pack on the calories way more than donuts. Croissant and brioche bread may sound fancy and healthier, but like bagels, they run a high-calorie count.

Donuts Are Fun

Donuts are fun because they are so versatile. They come in all sorts of fun flavors, shapes, and sizes. There is no such thing as a boring donut. They’re also fun because they can be eaten whenever, not just for breakfast, and be paired with all sorts of other foods like coffee drinks, milkshakes, fruit, or even ice cream.

They Truly Are Fresh

Unlike bagels, donuts don’t go bad right away, and they can be saved for a couple of days without much, if any, change. Heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds and they feel like they’re fresh out of the oven. Bagels, on the other hand, go bad the same day they’re made, and no attempt will make them edible again.

They Go Great with Coffee

Coffee is an American staple, especially when it comes to the weekday breakfast. Part of enjoying that morning cup of joe is having foods that add to the coffee flavors and aromas. Donuts do that; bagels don’t. The donut sweetness compliments the bitterness of coffee while the bland bagel flavor simply throws off the taste buds making that coffee taste weird.

They Are Affordable

Donuts aren’t expensive or overpriced which means buying one per day or more is an option even for those on a budget.

They’re a Great Way to Make Friends

Donuts are filling, fun, and affordable meaning they’re a great treat to please small or big crowds. Take a dozen to the office or the next friendly gathering, and you’re sure to win people over.

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