Adoughrable Donut Puns and Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Adoughrable Donut Puns and Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Adoughrable Donut Puns and Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Do-nuts aren’t just great to eat; they are also a great way to get people to laugh. There are plenty of words in the do-nut vocabulary to play around with and create a good deal of funny do-nut jokes.

Why You Need Do-nut Jokes In Your Life

 Variety: Every good jokester needs some variety in their repertoire. Sticking to one style or theme of jokes can be boring for both the jokester and audience. Add some do-nut jokes to the list and listen to the audience laugh away.

National Do-nut Day: Unlike most holidays, this one happens twice a year. Both November 5th and the first Friday of June are considered National Do-Nut Day and both are great days to celebrate. There’s no better way to celebrate National Do-Nut Day than with a dozen do-nut jokes or so.

Do-nuts are almost universal: Do-nuts are everywhere, and almost everyone knows about them so making jokes about them means cutting straight to the point without having to explain things.

Do-Nuts Puns

In the do-nut world, there are lots of words to play with for the sake of humor. Here are a few to work with.

Donut: Replace ‘do not’ with ‘do-nut’  to create hundreds of funny moments waiting to happen.

 Dough: This is a pretty fun one to work with and can work with a bunch of words that have the ‘dough’ sound in them. Here are a few examples

  • Adorable ? adoughrable
  • Avocado ? avocadough
  • Orlando  ? Orlandough
  • Taekwondo ? Taekwondough

3. Batter: Use batter instead of better in a couple of statements or use it to make a few hybrid do-nut/ baseball jokes like “How does a do-nut baseball player prep for a game? It batters up.”

4. Flour: Interchange it with floor to make a few do-nut dance floor jokes

5. Filling: This is a favorite to use in a variety of jokes. For one, it can reference dental fillings. It can also reference filling-in as in gaining weight and filling-in as in substituting one thing or person for another.

Do-Nut Jokes

Here a few examples of how to work with do-nut puns and make a few people laugh.

  •  What kind of evidence can a donut not take to trial? Anecdoughtal evidence
  • Where do Austin do-nuts go shopping? The Doughmain
  • What do do-nuts wear to weddings? Tuxedoughs
  • What is the only thing that can cure a sick do-nut? An antidought
  • What do you call a Boston crème do-nut that’s a straight A student? The cream of the crop
  • How did the strawberry do-nut feel after eating dinner? Jam-packed
  • What’s a do-nuts favorite place to explore? The Sahara dessert.

Need more inspiration for new do-nut jokes or just need a place where they will be appreciated? Visit your local Shipley Do-Nuts location, with all kinds of do-nuts and do-nut lovers; there’s no batter place for a few adoughrable jokes.


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