Donut Party Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Donut Party Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Do-nut Party Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Gone are the days when a birthday party was all about the cake. The new big thing is do-nuts! They’re everywhere, from athleisure wear to binders, and the next big stop is parties and celebrations!

There are plenty of reasons to make your next big event a donut party. For one, if you’re not a fan of cake, do-nuts are a great alternative for a birthday sweet. If you’re lactose intolerant and want something without dairy icing, icing-free do-nuts can make a party more tolerable than cake. A do-nut party is also an excellent idea for those that just want to do something different and unique.

Donut Party Ideas

Here are two instances where a do-nut party would be a great idea.

  • A morning birthday party: If you can only celebrate early in the morning, why not make it a do-nut party? Do-nuts are an excellent way to start the day and a great way to celebrate.
  • A children’s alternative at a brunch party: A brunch party isn’t the most fun experience for kids. Consider sectioning off an area for them to have a do-nut party instead.

The Food

The stars of the show are, of course, the do-nuts, but they can be paired with other great treats and drinks for an even better celebration. Consider adding other pastries like cinnamon rolls, bear claws and apple fritters, and possibly other sweets like ice cream, for more variety. To appeal to other taste buds, consider including savory treats like kolaches, pretzels or even hot dogs.

Don’t forget the drinks! Milk, fruit juices and coffee go great with do-nuts.

What You’ll Need

Do-nuts are in style, and it shows. There is no shortage of do-nut party supplies and do-nut party decorations. Visit your local party store for do-nut invitations, do-nut balloons and even do-nut piñatas and games.

There are also plenty of do-nut party favors to choose from like do-nut lollipops, stickers and rings. Don’t forget the do-nut pool floaties; they make great photo props.

What to Play

One game that is a must at all do-nut parties is a do-nut decorating contest. All that’s required is do-nuts and fun toppings. Create categories like “most colorful,” “most delicious looking” and “most likely to give me a sugar rush.” Winners, of course, can receive do-nut prizes like Shipley Do-Nuts gift cards and do-nut party favors.

There are also games like do-nut bingo where you can use mini-do-nuts, aka cheerios, as placeholders.

Do-Nut Catering

To make the party preparations easier, order your do-nuts and other pastry treats from Shipley Do-Nuts. Shipley Do-Nuts is ready to cater your next do-nut party with more than 60 varieties of do-nuts ready to be flavor tested! All you have to do is contact your local Shipley Do-Nuts shop to make an order and pick it up at the agreed upon time. It’s as simple as that!


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