What Donut Would Your Favorite Denver Football Player Be?

What Donut Would Your Favorite Denver Football Player Be?

what donut would your favorite denver player be

Ever go to a Denver do-nut shop and wonder what kind of do-nut John Elway or Terrell Davis might like? Better yet, what kind of do-nuts or pastries would they be? Shipley Do-Nuts is here not only to give you the best do-nuts in Denver but to answer tough questions like these.

Here is what kind of do-nut each of your favorite Denver football players would be.

Shannon Sharpe

Sharpe was the holistic type of football player. When it came to preparing for a game he knew it took just as much mental agility as physical, so he trained mind and body to work together to achieve greatness on the field. With him, it’s hard not to think about the classics – that’s why he would be a box of good old traditional glazed do-nuts. They’re both classics, so good they’re unforgettable. And based on his recent tweet it’s almost a sign that they’re meant to be one and the same.

John Elway

Elway deserves to be named the crown of the do-nut treat selection – he’s an oversized apple fritter. The good kind – with the flavor of fresh fruit and the soft, fluffy texture that can only be produced by the Shipley Do-Nuts recipe. The apple fritter has always been a Shipley Do-Nuts staple, just like Elway has been with the city of Denver, be it on the football field or off. Elway, like the apple fritter, is king, or rather duke. He is, after all, “The Duke of Denver.” A great man deserves to be a great treat, and there’s is no greater treat on the menu than the apple fritter.

Terrell Davis

The man is witty and smart, and no pastry says witty like a made-to-order beignet. Just saying the name itself requires intelligence. Davis’ intelligence and wit is evident. How else could he do so many great things? The 2,000-yard rushing season, the Super Bowl wins and, of course, being named the greatest Denver running back of all time, They all took intelligence and dedication, just like crafting a fresh beignet takes a level of smarts with the dough. And just like the beignet, Davis is a Hall of Famer so shine the spotlight on the beignet that is Terrell Davis.

Rod Smith

Smith is without a doubt a Big Earl Sausage & Cheese kolache. Just like this kolache is an exclusive staple at Shipley Do-Nuts, Smith remained loyal and faithful to the Denver team. Smith is also different in the same way the Big Earl is. They’re both grand. Smith has two Super Bowl wins under his belt as well as his name in the team’s Hall of Fame. He’s grand enough he doesn’t need an introduction, just like the Big Earl.

Champ Bailey

Bailey was reliable like no other football player. His first time on the field he made his first interception and kept shining, but don’t expect him to brag about it. He was a humble all-star – just like the cinnamon sugar do-nut. Not only is he a classic all-star, but he does what he sets out to do, just like the cinnamon sugar do-nut is a classic staple and can leave anyone satisfied. While it may not be the flashiest do-nut, it is a reliable one. It’s always on the menu and it’s always fresh-out-of-the-oven delicious.

Von Miller

Without a doubt Von Miller is a jelly do-nut with icing AND sprinkles. The man brings it all on the field and on the screen. Madden ’17 is proof of that – its commercial, at least. On the field, the Super Bowl 50 MVP does his job like no other and on the screen, too. He sings, dances and entertains with his colorful display of outfits. Like the jelly do-nut with icing and sprinkles, he brings a lot of good stuff to the table, all in one colorful package, but doesn’t think it’s all fun and games. Davis gets the job done just like the jelly do-nut leaves you feeling satisfied.

Jason Elam

This kicker is too good to just be a do-nut. He’d be a good ol’ bag of do-nut holes. Why? Because just like a handful of do-nut holes, Elam was small, but tasty as a player. At a mere 5-foot-11, Elam holds the title of Denver football’s leading all-time scorer with 1,786 points. If that doesn’t prove that great things do indeed come in small packages, what does? Like do-nut holes, he also has more to offer than what meets the eye. Do-nut holes are sweet but they’re also convenient, just like Elam is a football great and an author, too. It’s like Elam was meant to be a football star and do-nut star.

To celebrate football season, stop by Shipley Do-Nuts for a dozen of the newest and best do-nuts in Colorado. No matter the flavor, they’re sure to be great and make the game-day experience even better.


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