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At Shipley Do-Nuts, giving back to the community that has helped us become who we are today is one of our top priorities. From schools, to churches to charity groups, we help a wide variety of organizations. Over the years, we have tried to be involved with as many groups as we can.

We receive quite a few requests on a daily basis ranging from product donations and gift certificates to monetary contributions. We read every single one of them. Please take this into consideration when submitting your request. While we can’t help everyone, we sure do try. Sometimes the demand is greater than our budget will allow.


Please include the following information on the organizations letterhead:

1. A brief description of the event, including how this event benefits the community
2. Time and date
3. Expected number of attendees (if requesting product)
4. A contact name, number and email address

Request must be submitted in a timely manner to be considered. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to process your request.  Requests that do not contain information on organizations letterhead will not be considered.  We do not take requests over the phone.

While we understand your passion and the importance of your request, Shipley Do-Nuts does not provide support for the following requests:

Individual, group or family expenses

Birthday Parties

Group or School travel expenses

Political Organizations


Donation Request Form

* means required

Number of People *
Date and Time of the Event *
Contact Name *
Contact Number *
City, State, of the Event
Contact Email Address *
Brief Description of the Event *
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