A Celebrity Donut Affair: Celebrities Who Love Donuts

A Celebrity Donut Affair: Celebrities Who Love Donuts

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Donuts are a nationwide favorite, with thousands of fans across the world. Celebrities are no exception to the tasty treat’s fan base, and many are proud lovers of the guilty pleasure. From donut birthday cakes to family donut runs, check out these celebrities who fully flaunt their donut love!


Beyoncé is well known to be a huge donut lover! From her now-famous donut cake on Good Morning America, to her large orders of donuts while on tour (she even once ordered 4,000 donuts for her crew every day of a tour), Beyoncé has openly admitted donuts are her go-to sweet treat.

Taylor Swift

It’s no secret; Taylor Swift loves all tasty food. From cheeseburgers to candy, she loves to indulge in tempting treats. But donuts are a special favorite of Swift’s! She often makes late-night donut runs to satisfy her sweet tooth cravings, and can be seen with the delicious delicacy throughout her Instagram feed.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is an avid donut lover, and often delights in the fluffy pleasure. Though usually on a strict diet and exercise regimen to stay in top shape for roles such as Baywatch, Efron treats himself to his favorite sweet every once in a while.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck fully enjoys donut runs, even in the rain! The popular actor has repeatedly been seen picking up a dozen of the delectable desserts, often accompanied by one of his adorable children or his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, to take home and enjoy. Guess the Batmobile does more than drive him to crime!

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is all about food, but donuts are one of her favorite indulgences! Not only are some of her clothes covered in donuts (even her workout socks have printed donuts!), but she’s also posed in front of a donut-filled wall on Twitter and posted about her donut pregnancy cravings. She’s also been known to enjoy the golden confection with many of her famous friends, including Rita Ora and Jamie Chung.

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama has been spotted many times making donut runs, particularly while on campaign during his presidency. He would often visit local donut shops and fill up on the golden treats, buying enough for all with him on the trip.

Whether it’s by celebrities on the big screen or on the radio, donuts are a highly loved delicacy favorited by many people in the industry. Even celebrities can’t resist the golden puffs of perfection!

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