Cake Donuts

Cake Donuts

Cake donuts are the most popular donuts and recognized by their classic round shape and center space. Donuts can be iced or sprinkled with powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, walnuts, coconut or glazed.cake donut

Unlike the traditional yeast donut, these don’t rise, which gives them a heavier feel that is more cake-like in texture than a yeast donut.

Made For Coffee

Cake donuts are the perfect shape for soaking up your favorite coffee. Consider choosing a cinnamon sugar treat for your morning coffee or even dunk a plain donut in a glass of fresh orange juice.

History of the cake donut

Originally, donuts were made from balls of fried dough filled with fruit or nuts because the middle was constantly uncooked and doughy. In 1847, a sea captain named Hansen Gregory was credited with creating the hole in the center of donuts.

There are multiple stories as to exactly how he came up with this idea. One of our favorite theories involved the sea captain trying to steer his shop during a storm. He didn’t want to lose the donuts, so he poked a hole in each donut and placed them on the helm. Whatever the real story may be, this became the standard shape for donuts then onward.

Fun Facts

  • In both World Wars, Red Cross volunteers made warm donuts for soldiers overseas when they were homesick.
  • In Northern Ireland, cake doughnuts are called ‘gravy rings’ because gravy is an old word meaning cooking oil.
  • The shape of a cake donut with the hole in the middle is called a “toroid.”

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