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Donut Festivals

Donut Festivals to Get Your Ultimate Donut Fix

Donut Festivals

If you are a donut lover, you likely go into Shipley Do-Nuts to get your fix. What you may not know is that there are several donut festivals all around the country every year, where you can celebrate your love of this delicious treat, and try different types of donuts that you may not be able to find in your local donut shop or grocery store.

Donutfest, New York

Donutfest, New York is an annual celebration for donut lovers, held in Brooklyn, New York. When you attend the festival, you will have a chance to sample all of the donuts from each participant. Since you will get ¼ of a donut to sample, you should take your time. Everyone knows that donuts go great with coffee, therefore, coffee will be served at the festival as well.

If you find a donut that you really love, you can purchase that flavor from the vendor of your choice to enjoy at home. The best part of this festival is the judging. Each person attending Donutfest will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite donut.

Donutfest, Chicago

Donutfest, Chicago is very similar to Donutfest, New York, as it has the same concept. You can sample a variety of donuts, enjoy a cup of coffee, and purchase donuts from your favorite vendors. This festival offers a VIP package, which includes the following:
• Early entry to the event, where there will be no crowd
• Tickets to taste donuts from each session
• Three coffee tickets
• Limited edition Donutfest mug
• A goodie bag to take home

Los Angeles Donut Festival

This annual festival draws crowds from all over California as well as from around the country. You can sample many types of donuts, while you wash them down with a good cup of coffee. At the end of the day, you can vote for the “Best Donut in Los Angeles: People’s Choice” award while enjoying a delicious donut burger.

If you want to meet some professional eaters, you may have the chance at this event, as they will be judging the donuts to determine who will earn the title of Best Gourmet Donut in Los Angeles. Also, DoorDash is sponsoring a contest where you have the chance to win free donuts for a year.

The vendors who attend the annual festival, include:
• Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
• Dunkin Donuts
• Kona Essence Groundwork Coffee Tea Community
• Churro Stix Spanish Donuts
• Primo’s Donuts
• Colorado Donuts Eagle Rock California
• Kettle Glazed Great Doughnuts
• Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

The Miami Doughnut Festival

If you are going to be in the South Florida area, you should visit the Miami Doughnut Festival. It is located in Wynwood yard, and the festival offers doughnuts, coffee, and drinks.

You can expect to see samples from doughnut shops around Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties Some of the vendors who will be attending the event, include:
• Beaker & Gray
• Bunnie Cakes
• Donut Divas
• Concrete Beach Brewery
• Elephantea
• Neuro Drinks
• Voss
• Dunkin Donuts

After tasting everything that the festival has to offer, you can purchase your favorite to take home.

If you love doughnuts and want to spend a day celebrating your love of doughnuts, you should consider attending an annual donut festival. A donut festival gives donut lovers a chance to enjoy their favorite tasty treat while trying some new flavors, too.

Crazy Donuts

Donuts You Didn’t Know Existed, But Are Delicious!

Crazy Donuts

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we offer a wide variety of delicious donuts. However, while our ideas are creative, there are some other strange donuts from all over the world that may cause you to scratch your head. But don’t worry; they’re actually delicious!

Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we are proud of all our varied donuts on our menu. We are a donut shop that offers many different types of donuts and kolaches to enjoy. And yet, many different donuts from around the world are creative – wild even. Bakers all over the globe have tried crazy combinations to make donuts you may not know exist delicious taste sensations you have yet to experience.

Donuts Paired with Meat

Many blogs out there have compiled lists of some of the craziest donuts. One of the most outlandish donut flavors we’ve seen are those paired with meat. This craze started with the bacon donut. The combination of the savory bacon and a maple or chocolate glaze has proved to be an unexpectedly great combination.

The meat with donut combo has grown from there. Recently, a recipe for a maple Spam donut has surfaced. Very similar to the bacon donut, this treat mixes sweet with salty, light with crunchy. Another donut shop has created a chicken and waffle donut. This treat – normally a southern dinner delectable – has been turned into a donut, and people are pleased.

Donuts from All Over the World

These strange donut creations are not just happening in America. There are crazy donut- makers all over the world. In Singapore, a Dunkin Donuts shop has created a Wasabi Cheese donut. We can only imagine how that one tastes! In India, there is a donut called the Southern Spice Donut. This pastry is made with various southern spices, and then topped with green chilis and thyme. Who said donuts always have to be sweet?

Donut Sandwiches

Finally, we’ve got donuts people make into sandwiches! Television shows and blogs are catching onto this new trend and actually like it. Imagine your favorite hamburger with the toppings you enjoy the most. Now, eliminate the bun, and replace it with a sweet glazed donut cut right through the middle. It may sound strange, but donut burgers actually create an interesting and tasty combination of sweet and savory.

If you prefer a completely sweet sandwich, there’s something for you, too. People are now eating donut ice cream sandwiches. Just like the burger, a donut is cut in half, but this time, your favorite ice cream flavor is slapped in the middle. Delicious!

Check Your Favorite Donut Shop’s Variety of Donut Flavors

Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we want to brighten your day by offering the best, most delicious donut flavors. Read about the kinds of donuts we make daily, and then stop by one of our many locations to start snacking right now!

Shipley Donuts Variety

How to Take the Most Instagram-able Pics of your Donuts

Shipley Donuts Box

So, you just bought your box of a dozen donuts from Shipley Do-Nuts. Before you eat them, you MUST post some pictures of these beautiful pastries to make your friends jelly… Get it? Read below for some quick tips on making the best of these photogenic treats.

Donuts: one of the most delicious treats you can enjoy, not only for breakfast, but as a snack or dessert, too. But what’s the point of eating a delicious treat like a Shipley Do-Nut if your friends and family aren’t there to see it? Fret not, donut-lovers: Below are the best tips you can use to share your delectable pastry with the whole internet!

Before you eat, snap some photos of your donuts from your local donut shop, and post the beauties on Instagram.

Step One: Buy a Variety of Donuts

Shipley Donuts Variety

When you visit our donut shop and see our donut shop menu, you are sure to be overwhelmed by all your options to choose from. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we have all that you need to sate your donut craving. Grab a variable dozen so that you can get the best of all worlds.

Our yeast donuts are the most popular kind; they can be topped with a traditional glaze, sprinkles, flavored icing (like chocolate!), nuts, sugar, cinnamon, or coconuts. Then, we have filled donuts. Try apple or cherry fillings. And, if you still don’t have enough variety, try our cake donuts which have a different texture but can be topped with the same awesome stuff as our yeast donuts. Crafting your dozen with various donuts gives you the best options for a creative Instagram picture.

Step Two: Find the Best Angle

Shipley Donuts Angle Shot

The best photographers know all the secrets of finding the best angles from which to take pictures of their subject. You must channel your inner photography guru to capture the beauty that is a Shipley Do-Nut. Start by placing your favorite donut on a clean plate or napkin, or you could take a picture of all of your donuts still in the box. Add props to your photo, like a nice cup of coffee to add more interest.

Take the picture from the donut’s good side. For instance, if the donut has sprinkles, try to make that the photo’s main focus. If you want to capture more than one donut, stack them creatively in a glorious donut mountain!

Step Three: Take Multiple Shots

You’re not going to get the perfect shot on the first try, and that’s okay. Practice taking multiple shots of your donuts. Open your windows and use natural light to highlight the best parts of your donut. It’s all about experimentation. You may take the best picture after trying an angle that seemed strange at first. Just have fun with it!

Step Four: Find the Right Filter and Caption

Shipley Donuts Filter

Use the best filter for your photo. This step is all about your personal preference and what you like the best. However, if you are including a donut with colorful sprinkles in your picture, you may want to avoid the black and white filter. Sprinkles beg to show off their colors! Then, add a quirky caption to your post. Try something like this: “Here’s my breakfast. What did you eat? #BreakfastOfChampions.” Add the hashtag #ShipleyDonuts so we can share the goodness, too!

Step Five: Post at Primetime

Post when there are the most people online. This is usually around 5 p.m. You want your photo to be seen and liked, or else you would just keep the moment to yourself. You want this beautiful (and scrumptious) photo to make your friends jelly… like the donut… you get it! If you’re still at a loss with your photos, check out our Instagram page for some inspiration.

Visit your Local Donut Shop to Pick up Your Dozen Today!

Local Shipley Donuts

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we pride ourselves in making the most delicious donuts for your enjoyment. We’ve got plenty of locations with all your favorite flavors. Visit us online, or stop by our nearest donut shop today in order to start the process of photographing – and, more importantly eating! – your favorite donuts.

Shipley Donuts

When Should You Bring Donuts? Always!

Who doesn’t love donuts? While they have been all the rage and a rising trend for the last
few years, Shipley Do-Nuts has been serving these sweet treats and more to customers since 1936. With over 60 varieties, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Whether it’s a special event or an average workday, Do-Nuts add excitement and sweetness to any occasion!

WorkA dozen Shipley Donuts

Work meetings and projects can be time consuming and tedious. Sweeten the deal with a delightful indulgence. A box of Shipley Do-Nuts on the table in the conference room is sure to make meetings more bearable, and maybe even fun! The first and last workdays of the week can also be a drag. Brighten a Monday morning and start the week off on a positive note with some Do-Nuts, or celebrate the end of it by enjoying them on Fridays at work.

Community Events

Spend the morning and enjoy good times with friends and neighbors over a cup of coffee and Shipley Do-Nuts. Neighborhood yard sales and fundraising events such as car washes are great places to build community. Say a sweet thank you to the people who are giving their time and services by offering them our popular tasty treats.

Kids’ Sporting Events

Knock it out of the park and bring Do-Nuts to children’s sports games. Moms and dads will jump for joy not only for their children’s touchdowns and home runs, but the goodies being passed around at their kids’ games. The children will also be thrilled to munch on them after the game (if there are any left!).

Shiply DonutsParties

Make a creative contribution to any party or event and bring Do-Nuts for dessert! The
ultimate finger food, they are an inspired departure from the usual cakes, pies and cookies commonly found on the dessert table. Perfect for holiday gatherings, they can also be made to match or complement the theme of any party.

A classic American treat, Shipley Do-Nuts never go out of style. Bring these delectable delights to a gathering, meeting or everyday occasion and watch the faces of those who eat them light up as they savor the sheer joy of the incredible explosion of flavor in the first bite. The warm, gooey taste of that first bite is a bit of heaven on earth. Sharing them – whether it’s with friends, neighbors or co-workers – makes life a little bit more delicious. If a dozen isn’t enough, Shipley Do-Nuts offers catering service for parties, corporate/business events and special events in and around the Greater Houston area.

What is Kolache?

As anyone who has tasted Czech food can attest, the Czechs are clearly onto something. The kolache is a delicious Czech concoction that Texans, in particular, have embraced and with good reason. For the uninitiated, the kolache is a savory pastry and it wants to be eaten!

Delicious Lineage

Hailing from the Eastern European nation of Czechoslovakia (now known as the Czech Republic), the pillowy pastry originated as a semi-sweet or savory dessert served at weddings and dates as far back as the 1700s. In a nod to their shape, the dessert name is derived from the Old Slavic language word “kolo” meaning circle or wheel. Designed to be fluffy enough to hold a dollop of fruit or other filling, the pastry is as light as it is flavorful. They evolved from a wedding delight into a snack to be enjoyed anytime.

Kolache Pastries from Shipley's Do-Nuts

Lone Star Migration

Like so many great things in America, the kolache came to Texas with settlers from Europe around the mid-1800s. They made central and south-central Texas their new home, settling into the foothills and prairies of the region. At that time, more than 200 different Czech communities were established, and with them, the kolache-traditions remained strong.

Even today, the Czech contingent in the area continues to be vibrant, affectionately referred to as the Czech Belt. Whether the pastry became so popular in Texas because of its on-the-go versatility or simply because it reminded Europeans of home, the kolaches foothold throughout Texas is clear.

Kolache Makeup and Composition

Although decades and regions have transformed the humble kolache, its DNA has never changed – yeasted dough made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. Originally, the pastry was traditionally filled with items native to the Czech region such as:

  • Dried fruits like prune and apricot
  • Farmer’s cheeses
  • Poppy seeds
  • Nuts

Endless Varieties

With bakeries and even gas stations now serving kolaches, a wide variety of fillings has emerged. Even the pastry itself can vary from light and fluffy to more pocket-like breads or buns. All over Texas, the pastry varieties include:

  • Square, biscuit-style stuffed with sausage
  • Savory pillows with Cajun sausage and rice
  • Sausage and sauerkraut topped with jalapeno-cheese
  • Chicken enchilada and Phillycheesesteak-style
  • Traditional poppy-seed
  • Nutellaand banana, eclaire-style
  • Grilled chicken and provolone cheese
  • Country style sausage with egg and cheese
  • and more!

To help with the ordering process, the widely accepted pronunciation is ko-LAH-chee, although it can vary by region. At Shipley Do-Nuts, this pronunciation will always work to get our wildly popular sausage and cheese kolache or snack-sized poppers. With locations all over Texas and the South, stop in to try a kolache today!

kolache pastry and donut

variety of donuts

The Best Do-Nuts for Every Occasion

There really isn’t a better way to start your day than with a Shipley Do-Nut, or two… or three! Come to think of it, there’s really no better way to end your day as well! These delicious treats also make a great afternoon pick-me-up, so really any time is the perfect time to enjoy a Shipley Do-Nut!

chocolate sprink yeast donuts

We take our Do-Nuts very seriously and we want you to have a wide variety of choices so you can select the perfect pastry any time of day and to fit your every mood.

We “Make Life Delicious” with three delectable styles of do-nuts, including:

The Yeast Do-Nut yeast donut

Light and airy, thanks to the yeast used as a leavener, these do-nuts are light in hand and have a stretchy texture instead of a crumbly one. A yeast do-nut is just a starting point, though. You can get them glazed, iced, or sprinkled. Once the do-nuts are glazed or iced, they can be topped with a variety of flavors including cinnamon, sugar, coconut, or nuts. However, if you love the simple, classic glazed yeast Do-Nut best, we completely understand!

The Filled Do-Nut filled donut

For some people, filled is the only way to go with do-nuts. It’s just not a do-nut unless it’s enveloping a delicious cherry, apple, or Bavarian cream center. These do-nuts are glazed on the outside for the perfect flavor and sweetness. Filled do-nuts start with a yeast base, so they are stretchy and give you that burst of flavor when you bite into the center.

The Cake Do-Nut cake donut

The Cake do-nut comes in a variety of styles very much like the yeast do-nut. Cake varieties use baking soda or baking powder for leavening instead of yeast. Their batter is much more cake-like, and the resulting texture is denser and more crumbly. You can get them plain or you can have them blanketed in flavored icing, glazed, sprinkled, or with coconuts or nuts. Nothing quite says “celebration” like a cake do-nut with candy sprinkles and one bite is all it takes to make any day feel like your birthday.

If you’re not sure which kind is right for you, the best thing to do is try them all! Even if you already have a preference, you just never know if a new favorite is out there waiting for you to discover it. Shipley Do-Nuts are the perfect breakfast treat, but they also make great deserts for any occasion. From birthdays to holiday dinners, do-nuts are a treasured taste that everyone loves. When was the last time you had a Shipley Do-Nut? Come visit us today!


frosted donuts with sprinkles

The Gourmet Donut Craze

Since 1847, people have been happy eating donuts. Each day, millions of people enjoy the typical powdered donuts, plain donuts, jelly donuts and chocolate donuts with sprinkles. Lately, donut makers around the world are getting more creative and trying out new flavors and new designs, so-called “gourmet” donuts.

We, at Shipley Do-Nuts, make a wide variety of donuts to suit everyone’s tastes. Call them “gourmet” or just call them “delicious,” we know you’ll love our Do-Nuts!

gourmet Shipley's donuts

Most Creative Gourmet Donuts

People who live to make donuts are always trying to come up with the most delicious and creative gourmet donuts. Fortunately, for anyone who loves donuts, gourmet chefs are coming up with better, more original donuts all the time.

Cereal Based Donuts: Donuts have been considered a breakfast food almost as long as they have been around. Today, donut makers are giving them a breakfast theme. You can find donuts encrusted with your favorite sugary cereal. Paired with a glass of milk, these breakfast-themed gourmet donuts are a treat.

Alcohol Infused Donuts: Gourmet donut makers are thinking out of the box, and giving their donuts a special kick. The Tiramisu donut includes a shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Margarita lovers can enjoy donuts whose recipe calls for strawberry jelly, tequila, and salt in the glaze. These gourmet treats give lovers of donuts a chance to enjoy these sweet treats during happy hour.

Green Tea Donuts: Until now, many health fanatics shied away from donuts. Today, health fanatics can enjoy green tea donuts. They have the rich flavor of green tea in the cake and in the glaze.

Candy Inspired Donuts: If you have a sweet tooth, donut makers have created recipes just for you. Candy inspired donuts can be topped with just about any type of candy, including M&M’s, Nerds, and even gummy worms.

The Future of Donuts

Even though the donut was invented more than 150 years ago, they are continuing to evolve. Donut makers are doing new and exciting things such as:

Bacon Glazed Donuts: At first glance, people who love donuts looked at this new flavor as something that they would never eat. After the first bite, that idea changes. Bacon donuts are a simple glazed donut, topped with a few pieces of bacon. The combination of the two is delicious.

Donuts Used in Sandwiches: You can use a variety of types of bread to make a sandwich. Over the past few years, people are thinking outside the box when it comes to sandwiches. Wraps, croissants, and even bagels are commonly used in sandwiches. Today, people are even using donuts to make a sandwich. Whether it is a breakfast sandwich or a grilled cheese, donuts can be a delicious addition.

Donuts for a Hot Dog Bun: Hot dog lovers can get bored with the typical old hot dog bun. Gourmet donut makers have done something about that. By cutting the donuts in half and hollowing it out, they have more than enough room to squeeze in a bit of mustard and a chopped up hot dog.

If you are looking for one of the best gourmet donuts around, you should try Shipley Donuts. Since 1936, our expert bakers have been creating new and interesting gourmet donuts to please just about everyone. Contact us for more information on this amazing gourmet donut franchise.

Shipley's donuts and coffee mugs

donuts vs doughnuts

Donut vs Doughnut

Your average everyday individual may take for granted one of the most jarring things in our modern lexicon. Just because an individual knows how to spell the word “doughnut” and knows how to read the word “donut,” this does not resolve the tension. Why are these two words, which mean the same thing, spelled differently? Do these words mean the same thing? Where can we go to learn out the truth about donut/doughnut? Fear not, dear reader, as the answer awaits you.


Careful scholars go all the way back to 1809 and Washington Irving’s History of New York to find the first mention of the word “doughnut” in print. He praised the balls of dough “fried in hogs fat” as being supremely delicious.

If 1809 is the first mention of the term that we can find in print, it’s safe to say that the word was used in conversation for some time before that and that most people knew what a doughnut was. “Doughnut” is found in the dictionary (with the variant spelling “donut”) and is, at least to academics, the preferred way to spell this word.

assorted donuts


While the Americanized variant spelling of the word “donut” came about in the late 1800s, its use did not catch on right away. People continued to use the word “doughnut” in print and in general. However, something interesting happened in the mid-20th century when Dunkin’ Donuts came into being.

From that point forward, the use of the term “donut” has accelerated and shows no sign of slowing down. It is more widely accepted and used today than ever.

glazed donuts


At the end of the day, the true spelling of the word doughnut/donut is whatever you want it to be. If you write about the breakfast pastry in a formal document you may be more likely to use the word “doughnut.” If you are sending out an informal email or text message, you may prefer to use the word “donut.”

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we’ve come up with our own unique spelling of the word to match our distinctly delicious “Do-Nuts.” We invite you to come in and try them, as we’re confident you’ll find them to be the best Do-Nuts you’ve ever tasted!

shipley donuts

Shipley Donuts

What to Drink with Do-Nuts

Donuts are one of the most popular foods ever. It is almost impossible to drive five miles down the street in any city without passing a donut shop or two. Most people can say that they have consumed hundreds, if not thousands of these delicious treats in their lifetime and we, at Shipley Do-Nuts, hope some of those were ours!

If you love a good donut, what you may not know, is that you might not pairing your donut with the optimal drink for it. The best way to enjoy your donuts to the fullest is to know what drinks to pair them with. Let’s have a look at the options.

Wash a donut down with Coffee.

coffee in cup

Coffee is a great drink to pair with your donut. If you get your daily donut at your local donut shop, you can get coffee at the same time. The best part of pairing your donut with coffee is that, like donuts, coffee comes in a variety of flavors. If the weather is hot, you can eat your donut with your favorite flavor of iced coffee.

Donuts and Hot Chocolate are a perfect mix.

hot chocolate

On a cold day, nothing hits the spot better than a good cup of hot chocolate. This beverage is excellent to pair with your favorite donut, as it will warm you up and it can be used for dunking. Marshmallows or a bit of whipped cream will make your donut taste even better.

Milk: A classic donut and beverage combo.

hungry little girl eat donuts and drinking milk

If you are the type of person who likes to dunk your donut, milk is an excellent option. It will moisten up your donut, while your donut flavors your milk. Like coffee, you can pair your donut with any flavor of milk. Coffee, milk and hot chocolate are great for any flavor of donut.

Have you considered Cider?

two cider drinks

During the fall season, many donut shops offer seasonal donuts. These include cider, apple cider, and pumpkin spice. The best drink to pair with these donut flavors is cider. It will bring out the flavor of the donut, without clashing with it.

Juice drinks are surprisingly good!

fresh juice drinks

Depending on the flavor donut that you are eating, there are a few types of fruit juice that will go great with it. During the holiday season, cranberry donuts are especially popular. Cranberry donuts go great with a tall glass of cold cranberry juice. If you are sitting down with an apple donut, apple juice is an excellent choice.

Craft Beer & Artisan Donuts are catching on.

Flight of Craft Beer

If you enjoy a good donut in the evening, there are a few craft beers that you can pair with your treat, depending on the flavor of the donut you are eating. Here are some suggestions:

  • Chocolate Cream Filled: The Sixth Glass by Boulevard Brewing Company
  • Boston Cream: Robust Porter bySmuttynose Brewing Company
  • Chocolate Frosted: Brainless Raspberries by Epic Brewing
  • Powdered:Hefeweizen by Mission Brewing Company
  • Jelly: Georgia Brown bySweetWater Brewing Company

If you are looking for the best donut to pair with your drink, you should check out Shipley Do-Nuts. We offer a wide variety of donuts and other edible treats. For more information on our menu, visit We’re confident that our Do-Nuts can please any donut lover’s palate and go great with all the above drinks!