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The Best Drinks To Dunk a Donut Into

There is something so irresistible about pairing the soft, scintillating goodness of a smooth donut with a tasty drink. Dunking your donut allows you to experiment with unique flavor profiles that non-dunkers can only imagine in their wildest dreams.

Here is how to eat a donut with the best drinks that you may not have even thought of.


coffee in cup

Gourmet Coffee and Donuts

Coffee is uber-popular among donut connoisseurs because it marries perfectly with virtually any donut imaginable. To add some sophistication to the experience, pair a medium or dark roast with dense treats like buttermilk cake donuts. You can even raise your pinky if you want.


Espresso and Donuts

Espresso shots are not ideally sized for dunking. However, the flavor experience is so heavenly that we will help you find a way to make it work. To master the combination, place your favorite iced donut — or Bavarian cream — upside-down in a bowl. Then, pour a shot or three of strong espresso over the surface, and bon appetit!


Chocolate Milk and Donuts

There are two approaches when dealing with perfectly chilled chocolate milk. The first way is to admit your deepest chocolate cravings, soaking a chocolate iced or cream donut in the tempting liquid. However, in times when it is important to maintain a cool, non-chocolate-addicted exterior, opt for the second way. Dunk plain sugar donuts or cream cheese pastries instead. Cream cheese cuts down on the sweetness of chocolate milk while taking advantage of its amazing thickness.

White Milk and Donuts

Both acidic and velvety, milk exists as the drink of choice when taming richer donut varieties. When looking for the best pair, dunk a strawberry iced or devil food filled donut into the creamy drink.


Citrus Fruit Juice

Fresh orange, passion fruit, or pineapple juice taste incredible with all kinds of chocolate donuts, both iced and filled. The more chocolate they have, the better, making this tangy but sweet combination utterly irresistible.


Apple Juice and Donuts

Apple juice is unique among drink combinations due to its sharp yet sweet taste. When served cold, it pairs best with jelly-filled donuts, such as blueberry, raspberry, and lemon. When served hot, it pairs best with cinnamon flavored pastries.


Hot Chocolate and Donuts

Approach your next cup of hot chocolate with donuts that add unique flavor notes. Toasted coconut, nut, and cinnamon sugar coverings are all great choices. However, at Shipley Do-Nuts, our personal favorites for dunking are cherry donut varieties.

Wine and Donuts

It is no secret that chocolate and red wine are a perfect match. So the next time you feel like popping open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah with friends, turn it into a wine and donut tasting party with chocolate-filled pastries. The only important thing is to make sure the wine glasses are wide enough for dunking.

Craft Beer and Donuts

No, it’s not blasphemy. Beer and donuts are a legitimate thing―we promise. The best way to experience dark lagers is with a nut-covered pastry or a delicious apple fritter.

Dunk Your Donuts at Shipley Do-Nuts

Are you in the mood for a sweet pastry and something delicious to dunk it in? Satisfy your donut-drink cravings and swing by the closest Shipley Do-Nuts location today!

The Most Expensive Donuts in the World

From the classic glazed ring to the―literal―jam-packed puffs, donuts are a diverse species of fried dessert. With such a wide range of potential shapes, fillings, and toppings, donuts have become the ultimate canvas for creative chefs around the world. However, many of those designs come with a hefty price tag. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most expensive donuts in the world and explore the exotic ingredients behind them.


Cristal Ube DonutThe Cristal Ube Donut

Designed by Chef Bjorn DelaCruz, the Cristal Ube donut comes from a popular Filipino restaurant called the Manilla Social Club in Brooklyn, New York. This establishment is famous for its delicious purple ube donuts.

Easily one of New York’s most expensive donuts, the Cristal Ube can be exclusively ordered on Fridays. They are uniquely crafted with fresh yams and topped with a special icing of Braven White IPA. Cristal champagne and touches of 24-karat gold leaves shoot the price tag through the roof at a solid $100 per donut.


DonutopiaThe Patronut

From the Manilla Social Club comes yet another extreme donut with a hefty cost. At $150 per donut, the Patronut is the next creation by Chef Bjorn DelaCruz. Unlike the Cristal Ube, this confection is a rose petal donut with a unique margarita jelly that packs a punch. Spicy ginger-jalapeno creates a bold taste in the center while a fresh tequila frosting is layered above. Sprinkles of edible silver and platinum adorn the top adding value and flair.

The name Patronut is also a clever portmanteau. For fans of the Harry Potter series, this donut takes its name from the famous and dazzling protective apparition, the patronus. This donut was exclusively available during the week of Cinco De Mayo and gave all proceeds towards the American Cancer Society.


Most expensive Donuts 2

Krispy Kreme Special

At a whopping $1,274, the famous Krispy Kreme donut brand created a special golden donut that once reigned supreme as the most expensive donut in the world. For National Donut Week (a fundraiser for the UK Children’s Trust charity), Krispy Kreme assembled a towering dessert with Dom Pérignon vintage 2002 champagne jelly, Chateau d’Yquem crème with raspberry, 24-karat gold leaves, edible diamonds, and gold-dusted Belgian chocolate flowers. The donut itself is created with a raspberry and passionfruit syrup and a 500-year-old Courvoisier de L’Esprit Cognac.


The Luxury Zebra Cro

London’s Dum Dum Donutterie certainly faces a number of fierce competitors in the donut game. However, their Luxury Zebra Cro takes the prize of the most expensive donut in the world. At nearly $2000, this exotic black and white donut is comprised of some of the most delectable and costly ingredients you can imagine. The croissant dough consists of saffron-infused butter, Amedei Porcelana chocolate, and Tahitian gold vanilla beans. Decorating the top is shiny gold leaf flakes and Cristal rosé champagne caviar.


High-Quality Donuts

The next time you want to sink your teeth into a delicious donut, you don’t have to break the bank and travel halfway across the globe! Shipley Do-Nuts is nationwide and offers a wide selection of delectable donuts at a much more affordable price. With over 60 varieties to choose from, there is a perfect flavor combo for everyone of all ages. Shipley Do-Nuts even offers sausage and cheese kolaches for when you crave something savory. Explore the vast menu and stop by the shop today!

World’s Biggest Donut


In 1993, the world’s biggest donut was made a reality. Filled with delightful jelly, this titan pastry holds its place in the Guinness World Records, inspiring bakers and donut enthusiasts alike. How could such a massive dessert be possible? Cooking on such a large scale is no simple feat, but a team of bakers rose to the occasion.


Utica: Where the Legend Was Born

The setting for this ambitious experiment was Utica, New York, a large town located East of Syracuse and Northwest of Albany. Home to many historic sites, a diverse population, and beautiful landscape, Utica may seem like a strange place for such an attempt. But it was here that three organizations came together to achieve the extraordinary.


Cooperation of Epic Proportions

Due to the cost, labor, and sheer volume of ingredients necessary to pull off this enterprise, a team effort was the only possible option. Donato’s Bakery, Hemstrought’s Bakeries, and WKLL-FM radio station―known today as KRock―all had a hand in the undertaking. Sadly, Donato’s Bakery is no longer be in business in Utica. However, its contributions to the largest donut in history have ensured it won’t be easily forgotten.

The Hemstrought’s Bakeries establishment is a Utica staple, having been open for nearly 100 years. As a Utica classic in their right, it makes sense that Hemstrought’s Bakeries would want a hand in putting their town on the record books.

The KRock radio station, which plays music from bands like Coheed & Cambria, Weezer, and Pop Evil, was instrumental in organizing this project. After all, who better to broadcast news of the town triumph than the local radio station?


Labor of Love

While the result was spectacular, the actual baking was a Herculean task. Based on the dimensions of the final product and a recipe for regular-sized donuts, we can calculate approximately how much of each ingredient was needed to conquer this project. ― What we get is the following:

• 5,610 cups of flour
• 7,854 grams of yeast
• 370 cups of sugar
• 1,683 cups of milk
• 70 cups of butter
• 70 cups of shortening
• 2,244 eggs
• 842 teaspoons of salt
• 842 cups of jelly for filling

With the exception of the jelly, these ingredients had to be thoroughly mixed, then dropped into a fryer. While we have no idea how the bakers were able to stuff that much jelly into this huge pastry, we commend them for going the extra mile when they had the option to settle for a much more simpler, glazed donut.


The Record-Breaking Results

The final product ended up being truly massive, with the following mind-blowing dimensions:

• A weight of 3,739 pounds
• A diameter of 16 feet
• A height of 16 inches

These dimensions are comparable to that of an SUV in weight, as wide as a moving truck is long, and as tall as the average sunflower. This record-breaking donut is also the equivalent of 22,434 regular-sized donuts and around 934,750 calories. Based on the recommended 2,500 daily calorie count, it would take one person about 374 days to eat the whole thing.


The Tastiest Donuts at Shipley Do-Nuts

While you can’t get your hands on a 2-ton donut, there are still many amazing, smaller choices to satisfy your sweet tooth. Shipley Do-Nuts has over a hundred locations, all serving time-tested recipes. No matter which of our 60 donut varieties you choose, you can enjoy the impeccable taste and time-honored tradition of Shipley Do-Nuts. Find a location near you by going online or contacting us at (713) 869-4636.

donut wine pairings

The Best Donut and Wine Pairings Plus Other Fun Party Ideas with Donuts

donut wine pairings

Donuts have found their place into many office morning meetings, where sleepy-eyed executives dip these desserts in coffee. They have also become a part of many police officer jokes. Also, Homer Simpson is always associated with a donut in hand.

We have even discussed how donuts are making their way into weddings. This wonderous sweet treat has become part of our everyday lives so it isn’t surprising that donuts have “grown up.” Many have discovered that donuts make great party additions for both adults and children. Recently, wine lovers have been finding the perfect pairings of wine and donuts for a surprisingly refreshing event.

Best Donuts and Wine Pairings

Wine and donuts are two of the world’s favorite treats, so it only makes sense that people would begin to pair the two together. Whether you are planning a wine tasting at a local art gallery, an evening gathering with friends or are looking for something different for a bachelorette party, consider trying some of these wine and donut combinations.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Jelly-Filled Donuts

This wine carries notes of cherry, blackberry, and plum. This wine is a perfect pair with jelly-filled donuts to enhance the many berry notes.

Pinot Noir and Filled Long Johns

When it comes to combining creamy vanilla and sweet chocolate, the third combination for this taste is usually darker berries. The light cherry undertones of this wine are perfect for that combination.

Riesling and Glazed Donuts

The sweetness of a glazed donut requires a wine that is on the semi-sweet side. They also need a flavor that won’t completely mask the vanilla. Reisling does this perfectly with its semi-sweet, floral notes that make help vanilla in the donuts stand out.

Syrah and Double Chocolate Donut

Both cherries and strawberries go perfectly with chocolate. Knowing this, we found that the intense fruit flavor of Syrah goes well with the double-chocolate goodness of this donut. This combination will have your taste buds experiencing an even more decadent pairing.

Moscato and Strawberry Frosted Donut

The light taste of Moscato is a mysterious, yet subtle, fruit flavor. When paired with a frosted strawberry donut, there is no question that this sweet wine is definitely carrying strawberry. This pairing is utterly fantastic.

Sherry and Apple-Cinnamon Filled

Sherry has the unmistakable flavor of caramel. When you think of caramel-covered apples, it brings a feeling of nostalgia surrounding county fairs and summer carnivals. The two are a perfect combination for a walk down memory lane.

Other Fun Party Ideas with Donuts

For family-friendly events that include non-wine drinkers and kids, you don’t have to put the donuts aside because they can make any event a little bit more fun. Consider including one or more of the following ideas into your next get-together.

The Donut Game

For this game, you will need string and a donut for each person. Secure a long string from one end of the room to another, or between two trees if you are outside. For each person, put a strong through a donut hole and secure it to the main line.

This way, the donut hangs down at mouth level. Tell everyone they are not allowed to use their hands for this game. At the signal, everyone must try to eat the dangling donuts and the first one to finish wins.

Birthday “Cake”

Arrange donuts in a pyramid shape that is large enough around to place candles around. This is an entertaining idea for a teenager’s birthday parties. You can even use frosted donuts that match the party’s theme.

Dessert Bar

Instead of creating a dessert for a family dinner or holiday party, set up a long table with a variety of donuts and drinks. Pick a variety of donuts and display them on plates. Have a variety of drinks to go along with them such as milk and coffee and allow guests to help themselves.

Decorate Your Donut

You’ve heard of parties where kids (and adults) get to build their own ice cream sundaes. Why not adopt this idea for a donut themed party? As an activity, set out plain donuts, a variety of frostings and glazes, sprinkles, nuts, coconut, etc. and allow everyone to make their dream donut.

Invite Us to Your Event

For your next event, contact Shipley Do-Nuts and let us help you pick out the perfect combination of donuts for your party, for children or adults. Our selection is large enough to fit every taste. Whether you are planning a child’s birthday party or holding a wine and donut tasting to benefit charity, we are thrilled to share our donuts with you.

Why Donuts are the New Wedding Favorite

There is something about donuts that appeal to nearly everyone. This tasty treat has been bringing smiles to people for generations. The donut has been a part of birthday parties, picnics, late-night study sessions and more. Recently, the donut has been making appearances at weddings all over the country. Let’s explore why wedding donuts are gaining popularity at these memorable events.

Memorable Cake

Think about creating a cake made of donuts. With a traditional cake, there are always going to be people who don’t like the flavor. On the other hand, we have a wide variety of donut flavors available on our menu. You can customize your wedding donut display so that everyone can find something they enjoy. You will also have perfectly proportioned servings without having to cut the “cake” or worry about the mess. This alternative wedding cake will be talked about fondly for years to come.


Be adventurous and create displays of multi-colored donuts or decide on a single color that will coordinate perfectly with all the wedding decorations. You can also include a variety of flavors in the same color scheme. For example, powdered sugar, white-iced and coconut would all fit with a traditional white color scheme.

Something For Everyone

With 60 donut varieties, customers will find at least one flavor that appeals to them. For those on special diets, such as low carb, they too can enjoy a donut with fewer calories. These customers can avoid the guilt that might come with eating a traditional wedding cake.

Wedding Guest Favors

Switch it up a bit and ditch the typical bubbles and matchbook wedding guest favors. Make your favors stand out and gift each guest some decorative donuts. They will be glad you took the time to give such delicious wedding favors.


Let’s face it, very few people have a negative memory associated with donuts. Donuts are one of the ultimate comfort foods and have a way of bringing smiles to those who eat them. You want your day to be full of love and happiness, and serving donuts would be the perfect addition.

Invite Us to Your Wedding

If you are planning a wedding, take a look at our store locator and find a Shipley Do-Nut shop close to you. Our friendly staff will take the time to review our menu with you, make suggestions for ways you can incorporate the donuts into your special day, and answer any questions. We can also cater your event and remove the unnecessary stress of dessert preparation. Don’t wait for the wedding day, visit one of our locations and visit us today.


Donuts around the World (donut recipes)

Glazed, jelly-filled, or chocolate frosted – we’re all familiar with these and many other common varieties of donuts we see in most donut shops. However, do you ever wonder what kind of donuts they have in other places around the globe? Take a world trip around the world (by way of donuts) and explore two of our favorite international recipes.

Mochi Donuts (Japan)

Mochi DonutThese tasty donut holes have a slightly crisp outside and a soft inside. The combination of flavors is likely to turn these into family favorites.

  • Mix 1/4 cup of rice flour and 2 tablespoons of milk. Place in a microwave for about 45 seconds, stirring once at the 30-second mark. Set this aside.
  • Place 1 3/4 cups rice flour, 1/2 cup whole milk, 2 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter (melted), 1/4 cup granulated sugar, 1 large egg, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon Matcha powder into a mixing bowl and mix on low until blended. Add to the mixture from the above step and blend well.
  • Dust a flat surface with some rice flour and roll out the dough, creating a long tube. Cut the dough tube into equal-sized pieces and roll each piece into a small donut-hole sized ball.
  • Heat your deep fryer and carefully place the dough balls in it, being careful not to crowd them too closely. Fry until the outside is slightly browned and crispy. Remove from the hot oil and allow them to drain on a paper towel.
  • Mix 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 1 1/2 teaspoon Matcha powder. Place fried balls on a plate and sprinkle this mixture over the donut holes. Serve warm.

Lokma (Turkey)

LokmaThe word “lokma” is translated to mean “mouthful,” and that is exactly what these bite-sized donut holes are. They are often considered the perfect treat for special occasions.

1. Mix:

1 1/4 cup warm water
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon active dry yeast
Let this sit for ten minutes.

2. Oil a wooden spoon with vegetable oil and use it to mix:

2 cups all-purpose flour plus 2 tablespoons
1 teaspoon salt
Add the yeast water from the 1st step. Mix until a soft dough is formed.

3. Cover and place in a warm area for approximately 1 1/2 hours, or until the mixture has doubled in size.

4. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan.

5. Use a tablespoon to drop the dough into the hot oil and cook until golden brown, turning as necessary to make sure the morsels brown evenly.

6. As you are waiting for the oil to heat, mix:

3 cups sugar
1 1/3 cups water
2 tablespoons lemon juice
Place the mixture into a saucepan and cook over low heat, bringing it to a boil and allowing it to become a syrup-like texture. This takes about fifteen minutes.

7. Once the fried dough has drained and cooled, drizzle the syrup mixture over the donut holes and enjoy!

Explore the World of Donuts

These recipes are only two of the many varieties of donuts from around the world. You can delight your family by doing a search and making a different donut each month.

Try these Indian Jalebis that resemble funnel cakes next. Take time to discover different cultures while you enjoy these tasty treats for a fun family bonding activity.

Find Us

For the best donuts in the United States, check out our online donut shop locator to find a Shipley Do-Nut shop near you.

With 190 locations to choose from, there is bound to be one just a short trip away.

sugar coated gourmet jelly donut type-shipley donuts

What is the Most Popular Kind of Donut?

sugar coated gourmet jelly donut type-shipley donuts

Since they first appeared on bakery shelves in the mid-1800’s, donuts have been a favorite treat of millions. One thing that makes them so popular is the variety of flavors available. These fried and sometimes baked dough treats come in so many variations that even the pickiest of eaters are bound to find at least one kind that whets their appetite. While we couldn’t find any scientific studies that declared one variety stood out above the rest, our history of selling donuts has shown us what varieties are popular. Here are what we have found to be the most popular kinds of donuts.


The original glazed donut has remained the favorite throughout history. These come in fry cakes or raised yeast varieties and even in twists, but the shape doesn’t seem to matter.

Chocolate Frosted With Sprinkles

Sprinkles aren’t the only favorite on ice cream. The plain donut with chocolate frosting looks to sell even better when covered with colorful sprinkles.

Double Chocolate

There is a significant portion of the population that can’t resist anything chocolate, and donuts are no exception. The chocolate cake covered with either a chocolate glaze or chocolate frosting never stays on bakery shelves long.


Plain donuts sprinkled with cinnamon seems to take us back to the days when grandmothers made a batch of homemade donuts in the kitchen as we stood by watching. These seem to be about even in popularity with the sugar-sprinkled donut. Both take us back to the comfort of childhood when the world was a much slower and peaceful place.

Boston Cream

The sensation of biting into a donut and having the sweet yellow custard filling create a party for the taste buds is something we all have experienced at least once. It is a taste that curbs the worst sweet tooth and is considered by many to be their go-to comfort food when they feel down.


Of the jelly-filled donuts, apple filling is by far the favorite, the sweet jelly-like filling reminds us of holiday pies. The filling is wrapped in fried dough and sprinkled generously with cinnamon-sugar for a dessert that would find a home at the most elite dinner table.

Final Words

You can find all these donuts and many more at a Shipley Do-Nut shop near you. We carry all the most popular varieties and many more, sixty kinds to be exact. Stop by and try out a few different kinds and let us know which donut variety you think should be most popular.

Featured image: AndreyYavorskiy/Shutterstock

colorful donuts inside of a shop sitting on shelf-shipley donuts

Where Are Donuts Most Popular?

colorful donuts inside of a shop sitting on shelf-shipley donuts

Donuts have been around in one form or another for centuries. The donut as we know it, round with a hole in the middle, became popular in the early days of the United States. The sweet doughy treats have found their way into nearly every town of this country and have even traveled across oceans. Many places have developed special flavors that draw crowds to taste them, but the classic flavors like glazed and angel cream-filled are still the most popular. Even though donuts have become widespread throughout the whole country, there are still some specific cities where they remain especially popular.

Nashville, TN

Donuts are popular here because they offer a quick breakfast before a full day’s schedule of fun. They make great after-concert treats for adults and kids alike. Packing the car with donuts and other treats, you can get out and enjoy anything that comes your way during the day without having to spend time looking for a place to stop and eat.

Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson offers the laid-back atmosphere of days gone by. Residents love tradition, and those traditions include a Saturday trip to the donut shop with the little ones. They also find their way to many church suppers and summer cookouts.

Aurora, Colorado

Mountain hikes are big here. Hikers have found that donuts are easy to pack in their bags, make quick nourishment breaks that leave only crumbs behind (which the birds quickly clean up), and they offer a taste of familiarity when you are surrounded by the sounds of nature that are so often quiet among the city noise.

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is famous for all the Texas grandness. For all the activity and wildness that draws people to this city, the down-home atmosphere of a donut shop that has a history of making people smile with its simple goodness and open friendliness is one of the favorite places here.

El Dorado, Arkansas

This may not be the El Dorado of movies and books, but the people here consider donuts to be a treasure. Whether out for an evening stroll or on the way to a weekend sporting event, the residents and visitors to this southern town take a stroll back into the past where life was less stressful, and the smell of freshly made donuts could put everyone in a better mood.

Wherever you wander, take a moment to find out where you can find the local Shipley Do-Nuts shop. We have the donuts that will make anywhere you are the best place to eat a donut!

Featured image: Vipavlenkoff/Shutterstock


What Kind of Donuts Are There?


The origin of donuts is something that many people feel will never be known for sure. Originally, the sweet dough was fried and people didn’t like the way the outside would get crispy but the middle remained uncooked. Today, the sweet dough now comes in varieties that see it covered in many different frostings, glazes, and items such as sprinkles. Others come with sweet cream or fruit flavor nestled inside. Your local donut shop will have donuts in a variety of shapes, but exactly what kinds of basic donuts are there? Let’s take a look.

Yeast Donuts

This batter is prepared with yeast that helps the donut rise to a fluffy goodness. The batter is more like a sweet bread. It is this yeast batter that is often adapted for donuts with fillings. Yeast donuts can also be made by twisting the batter so that it forms a long treat that is most often covered with glaze.

Cake Donuts

Cake donuts have a consistency that is more like a cake than bread. They are often heavier in texture than yeast donuts, and are normally only found in the traditional ring shape. When people make donuts at home, it is more often the cake type that is prepared.


Old fashioned donuts have a more ragged appearance that allows for a more outer surface. These donuts are normally round with a hole in the middle, but they are less dense than the traditional yeast donut and have a crispier texture because of the greater exterior surface.


These are the basics of all the donuts you now find in your local bakery. Some have developed different names, such as the fritter, with bits of fruit mixed into the batter before frying, or the long john, which is a cream-filled donut that is shaped like a long bullet rather than in a circle.

Donut vs. Doughnut

There is actually no difference between these. Originally, the fried-dough treats were spelled ‘doughnut.’ When bakers decided to introduce this treat into other countries, they shortened the spelling to make it easier to spell in non-English speaking countries. However you spell it, it all comes down to one of the country’s most popular bakery items.

Check out the large variety of donuts available at your nearest Shipley Do-Nuts shop. We have over sixty varieties, which is plenty to satisfy the sweet tooth of even the pickiest of eaters. If leaving the house doesn’t appeal to you right this moment, stop by our online store and check out what we have to offer.

Featured image: VGstockstudio/Shutterstock

Participate in 4th Annual Do-Nut Dash to Raise Funds for Kids' Meals!

Participate in the 4th Annual Do-Nut Dash to Raise Funds for Kids’ Meals!

Participate in 4th Annual Do-Nut Dash to Raise Funds for Kids' Meals!

Image Credit: Coral Sand and Assoc / Shutterstock

Shipley Do-Nuts started a new tradition four years ago that we hope to continue well into the future. Our fourth annual Do-Nut Dash is slated to take place on Saturday, April 14th and this is going to be our best year yet. We welcome you and your family to be part of the fun.

What is the Do-Nut Dash?

The Do-Nut Dash is a two-mile walk/run that starts at 9 AM at BBVA Compass Stadium and ends at the 8th Wonder Brewery. Adults can join to participate for $30 and kids for $20 (little ones may ride in strollers or wagons). All proceeds will be given to Kids’ Meals to help them continue their work. Participants not only get the pleasure of knowing they are helping a worthy organization, but will enjoy participation gifts such as free t-shirts, discounted baseball tickets, and chances to win a year’s worth of Shipley Do-Nuts and concert tickets.

What is Kids’ Meals?

Kids’ Meals is a non-profit organization that realized our youngest citizens, those still too young for school, often get over-looked when free meal programs are created to help them get at least one nutritional meal each day. Kids’ Meals has made it their mission to home deliver upwards of 2,700 meals a day to these children, who are often in homes where the parents can’t always provide the meals they need. These children are able to count on at least one nutritionally sound meal a day, five days a week. One hundred percent of the profits made during our fourth annual Do-Nut Dash will go to this program, which has benefited from over $55,000 from our previous three years.

The After Party

The after party of this annual event is often the most fun. All participants will receive a t-shirt along with free milk and donuts. In addition, children can get their faces painted and participate in a donut-themed costume contest that will grant the winner a year’s worth of donuts from Shipley Do-Nuts. Those over the age of 21 will get a free beverage from 8th Wonder Brewery. We want to make sure that all of our participants feel great about giving back to the community as well as have a blast throughout the process.

See You at the Finish Line!

You are invited to join in on what we hope is going to be our biggest and best year yet. Avoid the registration lines by signing up online before the event. Shipley Do-Nuts has been serving smiles since 1936. Help us and Kids’ Meals spread those smiles even further with our newest generation. See you on April 14th, rain or shine!