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Celebrities Who Love Donuts

A Celebrity Donut Affair: Celebrities Who Love Donuts

Celebrities Who Love Donuts

Donuts are a nationwide favorite, with thousands of fans across the world. Celebrities are no exception to the tasty treat’s fan base, and many are proud lovers of the guilty pleasure. From donut birthday cakes to family donut runs, check out these celebrities who fully flaunt their donut love!


Beyoncé is well known to be a huge donut lover! From her now-famous donut cake on Good Morning America, to her large orders of donuts while on tour (she even once ordered 4,000 donuts for her crew every day of a tour), Beyoncé has openly admitted donuts are her go-to sweet treat.

Taylor Swift

It’s no secret; Taylor Swift loves all tasty food. From cheeseburgers to candy, she loves to indulge in tempting treats. But donuts are a special favorite of Swift’s! She often makes late-night donut runs to satisfy her sweet tooth cravings, and can be seen with the delicious delicacy throughout her Instagram feed.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron is an avid donut lover, and often delights in the fluffy pleasure. Though usually on a strict diet and exercise regimen to stay in top shape for roles such as Baywatch, Efron treats himself to his favorite sweet every once in a while.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck fully enjoys donut runs, even in the rain! The popular actor has repeatedly been seen picking up a dozen of the delectable desserts, often accompanied by one of his adorable children or his girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, to take home and enjoy. Guess the Batmobile does more than drive him to crime!

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is all about food, but donuts are one of her favorite indulgences! Not only are some of her clothes covered in donuts (even her workout socks have printed donuts!), but she’s also posed in front of a donut-filled wall on Twitter and posted about her donut pregnancy cravings. She’s also been known to enjoy the golden confection with many of her famous friends, including Rita Ora and Jamie Chung.

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama has been spotted many times making donut runs, particularly while on campaign during his presidency. He would often visit local donut shops and fill up on the golden treats, buying enough for all with him on the trip.

Whether it’s by celebrities on the big screen or on the radio, donuts are a highly loved delicacy favorited by many people in the industry. Even celebrities can’t resist the golden puffs of perfection!

Want to indulge in a tasty treat like these celebrities? Visit Shipley Do-Nuts and find your favorite today! With over 60 varieties to choose from, you’re sure to satisfy any craving. Shipley Do-Nuts are located all across the South; to find the nearest donut shop, check out our locations today!

Main Image by Artem Yamolcev / Shutterstock

why donuts are better than bagels

Why Donuts Are Better Than Bagels

why donuts are better than bagels

Donuts and bagels. Bagels and donuts. They have long been breakfast and snack adversaries, staples in the battle for that perfect pick-me-up food that is both filling and convenient, but today it’s time to make it clear that there is one clear winner. Donuts are better than bagels and here is why.

Donuts Are the Healthier Option

Donuts may have a bad reputation when it comes to health, but they are less likely to give you a breakfast belly than other breakfast breads. While many opt for a bagel as a healthy-alternative, bagels can pack on the calories way more than donuts. Croissant and Brioche bread may sound fancy and healthier, but like bagels, they run a high-calorie count.

Donuts Are Fun

Donuts are fun because they are so versatile. They come in all sorts of fun flavors, shapes, and sizes. There is no such thing as a boring donut. They’re also fun because they can be eaten whenever, not just for breakfast, and be paired with all sorts of other foods like coffee drinks, milkshakes, fruit, or even ice cream.

They Truly Are Fresh

Unlike bagels, donuts don’t go bad right away, and they can be saved for a couple of days without much, if any, change. Heat them up in the microwave for a few seconds and they feel like they’re fresh out of the oven. Bagels, on the other hand, go bad the same day they’re made, and no attempt will make them edible again.

They Go Great with Coffee

Coffee is an American staple, especially when it comes to the weekday breakfast. Part of enjoying that morning cup of joe is having foods that add to the coffee flavors and aromas. Donuts do that; bagels don’t. The donut sweetness compliments the bitterness of coffee while the bland bagel flavor simply throws off the taste buds making that coffee taste weird.

They Are Affordable

Donuts aren’t expensive or overpriced which means buying one per day or more is an option even for those on a budget.

They’re a Great Way to Make Friends

Donuts are filling, fun, and affordable meaning they’re a great treat to please small or big crowds. Take a dozen to the office or the next friendly gathering, and you’re sure to win people over.

Ready to indulge in a delicious sweet? Find your local Shipley Do-Nuts donut shop near you with our store locator! Don’t forget to grab a cup of Joe while you’re there!

6 Holiday Donut Decorations

6 Holiday Donut Decorations

6 Holiday Donut Decorations

Sugared, glazed or topped with sprinkles, any day is a good day for a donut. The holidays, however, can be a time to get especially creative with the sweet treat. There are several fun ways to incorporate donuts into your holiday fun, whether you try out some new donut craft ideas or try your hand at decorating donuts with some holiday flair.

Reindeer Donuts

Complete with the trademark red nose, these reindeer donuts are easy for both kids and adults to make. First, start with chocolate glazed donuts from your favorite local donut shop. Pop a red, candy-coated chocolate in the middle for the nose and add two white chocolate chips for eyes. With two broken pretzel pieces for antlers, you’ll have one very sweet Rudolph!

Donut Hole Christmas Tree

Depending on the size of tree you’d like to make, you’ll need at least 24 donut holes. Use a Styrofoam cone as your base, covering it with donut holes attached with toothpicks. Drizzle your “tree” with red and green icing thinned with a splash of water, and add sprinkles for ornaments.

Snowmen Donut Faces

Powdered sugar donuts are the start of this easy donut decorating idea. Simply use chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and a single, orange candy-coated chocolate for the “carrot nose.”

Holiday Donut Hole Wreath

Donut holes, a round plate, and green icing are all you need for the base of this donut craft. Arrange the glazed donut holes in a wreath shape and drizzle with a generous amount of green icing, thinned out with a bit of water. You can use red candies to construct a decorative bow or to imitate the holly berries that often brighten a holiday wreath.

Stacked Donut Hole Snowmen

Using three powdered sugar donut holes, construct a snowman with a toothpick as the center support. You can get creative with the icing for eyes, a nose and a mouth. If you’re really feeling ambitious, give your snowman a holiday sweater!

Peppermint Twist Donuts

Start with warm, vanilla-iced donuts from your favorite donut shop, rolling them in crushed candy canes. Your guests will think you spent hours making the holiday-inspired donut when it only took just a few minutes.

To make your donut crafts easy and enjoyable, skip the homemade donuts and pick up donuts from your favorite local donut shop instead. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we have all the delicious donuts you need to get creative and would love to see your sweet creations. Stop by one of our locations today, and stock up on donuts for all your holiday fun!

Adoughrable Donut Puns and Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Adoughrable Donut Puns and Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Adoughrable Donut Puns and Jokes to Tell Your Friends

Do-nuts aren’t just great to eat; they are also a great way to get people to laugh. There are plenty of words in the do-nut vocabulary to play around with and create a good deal of funny do-nut jokes.

Why You Need Do-nut Jokes In Your Life

 Variety: Every good jokester needs some variety in their repertoire. Sticking to one style or theme of jokes can be boring for both the jokester and audience. Add some do-nut jokes to the list and listen to the audience laugh away.

National Do-nut Day: Unlike most holidays, this one happens twice a year. Both November 5th and the first Friday of June are considered National Do-Nut Day and both are great days to celebrate. There’s no better way to celebrate National Do-Nut Day than with a dozen do-nut jokes or so.

Do-nuts are almost universal: Do-nuts are everywhere, and almost everyone knows about them so making jokes about them means cutting straight to the point without having to explain things.

Do-Nuts Puns

In the do-nut world, there are lots of words to play with for the sake of humor. Here are a few to work with.

Donut: Replace ‘do not’ with ‘do-nut’  to create hundreds of funny moments waiting to happen.

 Dough: This is a pretty fun one to work with and can work with a bunch of words that have the ‘dough’ sound in them. Here are a few examples

  • Adorable ? adoughrable
  • Avocado ? avocadough
  • Orlando  ? Orlandough
  • Taekwondo ? Taekwondough

3. Batter: Use batter instead of better in a couple of statements or use it to make a few hybrid do-nut/ baseball jokes like “How does a do-nut baseball player prep for a game? It batters up.”

4. Flour: Interchange it with floor to make a few do-nut dance floor jokes

5. Filling: This is a favorite to use in a variety of jokes. For one, it can reference dental fillings. It can also reference filling-in as in gaining weight and filling-in as in substituting one thing or person for another.

Do-Nut Jokes

Here a few examples of how to work with do-nut puns and make a few people laugh.

  •  What kind of evidence can a donut not take to trial? Anecdoughtal evidence
  • Where do Austin do-nuts go shopping? The Doughmain
  • What do do-nuts wear to weddings? Tuxedoughs
  • What is the only thing that can cure a sick do-nut? An antidought
  • What do you call a Boston crème do-nut that’s a straight A student? The cream of the crop
  • How did the strawberry do-nut feel after eating dinner? Jam-packed
  • What’s a do-nuts favorite place to explore? The Sahara dessert.

Need more inspiration for new do-nut jokes or just need a place where they will be appreciated? Visit your local Shipley Do-Nuts location, with all kinds of do-nuts and do-nut lovers; there’s no batter place for a few adoughrable jokes.

Do-nut Party Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Donut Party Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Do-nut Party Ideas for Your Next Celebration

Gone are the days when a birthday party was all about the cake. The new big thing is do-nuts! They’re everywhere, from athleisure wear to binders, and the next big stop is parties and celebrations!

There are plenty of reasons to make your next big event a donut party. For one, if you’re not a fan of cake, do-nuts are a great alternative for a birthday sweet. If you’re lactose intolerant and want something without dairy icing, icing-free do-nuts can make a party more tolerable than cake. A do-nut party is also an excellent idea for those that just want to do something different and unique.

Donut Party Ideas

Here are two instances where a do-nut party would be a great idea.

  • A morning birthday party: If you can only celebrate early in the morning, why not make it a do-nut party? Do-nuts are an excellent way to start the day and a great way to celebrate.
  • A children’s alternative at a brunch party: A brunch party isn’t the most fun experience for kids. Consider sectioning off an area for them to have a do-nut party instead.

The Food

The stars of the show are, of course, the do-nuts, but they can be paired with other great treats and drinks for an even better celebration. Consider adding other pastries like cinnamon rolls, bear claws and apple fritters, and possibly other sweets like ice cream, for more variety. To appeal to other taste buds, consider including savory treats like kolaches, pretzels or even hot dogs.

Don’t forget the drinks! Milk, fruit juices and coffee go great with do-nuts.

What You’ll Need

Do-nuts are in style, and it shows. There is no shortage of do-nut party supplies and do-nut party decorations. Visit your local party store for do-nut invitations, do-nut balloons and even do-nut piñatas and games.

There are also plenty of do-nut party favors to choose from like do-nut lollipops, stickers and rings. Don’t forget the do-nut pool floaties; they make great photo props.

What to Play

One game that is a must at all do-nut parties is a do-nut decorating contest. All that’s required is do-nuts and fun toppings. Create categories like “most colorful,” “most delicious looking” and “most likely to give me a sugar rush.” Winners, of course, can receive do-nut prizes like Shipley Do-Nuts gift cards and do-nut party favors.

There are also games like do-nut bingo where you can use mini-do-nuts, aka cheerios, as placeholders.

Do-Nut Catering

To make the party preparations easier, order your do-nuts and other pastry treats from Shipley Do-Nuts. Shipley Do-Nuts is ready to cater your next do-nut party with more than 60 varieties of do-nuts ready to be flavor tested! All you have to do is contact your local Shipley Do-Nuts shop to make an order and pick it up at the agreed upon time. It’s as simple as that!

what donut would your favorite denver player be

What Donut Would Your Favorite Denver Football Player Be?

what donut would your favorite denver player be

Ever go to a Denver do-nut shop and wonder what kind of do-nut John Elway or Terrell Davis might like? Better yet, what kind of do-nuts or pastries would they be? Shipley Do-Nuts is here not only to give you the best do-nuts in Denver but to answer tough questions like these.

Here is what kind of do-nut each of your favorite Denver football players would be.

Shannon Sharpe

Sharpe was the holistic type of football player. When it came to preparing for a game he knew it took just as much mental agility as physical, so he trained mind and body to work together to achieve greatness on the field. With him, it’s hard not to think about the classics – that’s why he would be a box of good old traditional glazed do-nuts. They’re both classics, so good they’re unforgettable. And based on his recent tweet it’s almost a sign that they’re meant to be one and the same.

John Elway

Elway deserves to be named the crown of the do-nut treat selection – he’s an oversized apple fritter. The good kind – with the flavor of fresh fruit and the soft, fluffy texture that can only be produced by the Shipley Do-Nuts recipe. The apple fritter has always been a Shipley Do-Nuts staple, just like Elway has been with the city of Denver, be it on the football field or off. Elway, like the apple fritter, is king, or rather duke. He is, after all, “The Duke of Denver.” A great man deserves to be a great treat, and there’s is no greater treat on the menu than the apple fritter.

Terrell Davis

The man is witty and smart, and no pastry says witty like a made-to-order beignet. Just saying the name itself requires intelligence. Davis’ intelligence and wit is evident. How else could he do so many great things? The 2,000-yard rushing season, the Super Bowl wins and, of course, being named the greatest Denver running back of all time, They all took intelligence and dedication, just like crafting a fresh beignet takes a level of smarts with the dough. And just like the beignet, Davis is a Hall of Famer so shine the spotlight on the beignet that is Terrell Davis.

Rod Smith

Smith is without a doubt a Big Earl Sausage & Cheese kolache. Just like this kolache is an exclusive staple at Shipley Do-Nuts, Smith remained loyal and faithful to the Denver team. Smith is also different in the same way the Big Earl is. They’re both grand. Smith has two Super Bowl wins under his belt as well as his name in the team’s Hall of Fame. He’s grand enough he doesn’t need an introduction, just like the Big Earl.

Champ Bailey

Bailey was reliable like no other football player. His first time on the field he made his first interception and kept shining, but don’t expect him to brag about it. He was a humble all-star – just like the cinnamon sugar do-nut. Not only is he a classic all-star, but he does what he sets out to do, just like the cinnamon sugar do-nut is a classic staple and can leave anyone satisfied. While it may not be the flashiest do-nut, it is a reliable one. It’s always on the menu and it’s always fresh-out-of-the-oven delicious.

Von Miller

Without a doubt Von Miller is a jelly do-nut with icing AND sprinkles. The man brings it all on the field and on the screen. Madden ’17 is proof of that – its commercial, at least. On the field, the Super Bowl 50 MVP does his job like no other and on the screen, too. He sings, dances and entertains with his colorful display of outfits. Like the jelly do-nut with icing and sprinkles, he brings a lot of good stuff to the table, all in one colorful package, but doesn’t think it’s all fun and games. Davis gets the job done just like the jelly do-nut leaves you feeling satisfied.

Jason Elam

This kicker is too good to just be a do-nut. He’d be a good ol’ bag of do-nut holes. Why? Because just like a handful of do-nut holes, Elam was small, but tasty as a player. At a mere 5-foot-11, Elam holds the title of Denver football’s leading all-time scorer with 1,786 points. If that doesn’t prove that great things do indeed come in small packages, what does? Like do-nut holes, he also has more to offer than what meets the eye. Do-nut holes are sweet but they’re also convenient, just like Elam is a football great and an author, too. It’s like Elam was meant to be a football star and do-nut star.

To celebrate football season, stop by Shipley Do-Nuts for a dozen of the newest and best do-nuts in Colorado. No matter the flavor, they’re sure to be great and make the game-day experience even better.

Shipley Do-Nuts is Coming to Colorado!

Shipley Do-Nuts expands to Colorado

Shipley Do-Nuts is spreading the sweet taste of Texas to the Centennial State, and Colorado do-nuts will never be the same.

The first store featuring Shipley’s 50 types of do-nuts and pastries is scheduled to open in Denver this year, with another 57 planned statewide in coming years. The expansion will add more than 800 jobs to the state’s economy, delighting Colorado residents, do-nut aficionado or not.

Taste the Shipley Do-Nut Difference

While there are plenty of do-nut shops in Colorado, very few, if any, offer fresh, warm, high-quality do-nuts, pastries and kolaches like Shipley Do-Nuts does. Not only has the Shipley Do-Nut recipe withstood the test of time, it has won over generations of fans and even gained admirers throughout the United States.

Originating in Houston, Texas, in 1936, Shipley Do-Nuts has now gained so much popularity it has expanded outside of Texas and has establishments throughout Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee, to name a few states.

With Shipley Do-Nuts, Colorado residents also gain a new artisan experience like no other. While most bakeries and restaurants keep the food-making process behind closed doors, Shipley Do-Nuts allows its customers to see every step involved in making the sweet and artfully created treats they are about to enjoy.

Nothing is hidden from the customers because there is nothing to hide. Treats are made from the original Shipley recipes and are served fresh out of the oven. Seeing their treats being made also adds an extra sparkle to younger customer’s eyes. To children, Shipley Do-nuts isn’t just a place to enjoy sweets; it’s also a show.

A Family Tradition

Lawrence Shipley III, a third-generation member of the Shipley Do-Nut management family, currently leads Shipley Do-Nuts. Under his leadership, the company maintains the Shipley traditions that gave the brand its fame when it first opened eight decades ago. Great family recipes, warm and fresh pastries and great customer services continue as integral parts of the Shipley Do-Nuts experience.

The company intends to continue expanding across the United States with a goal of 400 stores by 2020.

For more information about Shipley Do-Nuts and its offerings in Colorado, check out the Shipley menu and store locator. You can also stay up to date on everything Shipley Do-Nuts on its Facebook and Twitter social media outlets.

Donut Festivals

Donut Festivals to Get Your Ultimate Donut Fix

Donut Festivals

If you are a donut lover, you likely go into Shipley Do-Nuts to get your fix. What you may not know is that there are several donut festivals all around the country every year, where you can celebrate your love of this delicious treat, and try different types of donuts that you may not be able to find in your local donut shop or grocery store.

Donutfest, New York

Donutfest, New York is an annual celebration for donut lovers, held in Brooklyn, New York. When you attend the festival, you will have a chance to sample all of the donuts from each participant. Since you will get ¼ of a donut to sample, you should take your time. Everyone knows that donuts go great with coffee, therefore, coffee will be served at the festival as well.

If you find a donut that you really love, you can purchase that flavor from the vendor of your choice to enjoy at home. The best part of this festival is the judging. Each person attending Donutfest will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite donut.

Donutfest, Chicago

Donutfest, Chicago is very similar to Donutfest, New York, as it has the same concept. You can sample a variety of donuts, enjoy a cup of coffee, and purchase donuts from your favorite vendors. This festival offers a VIP package, which includes the following:
• Early entry to the event, where there will be no crowd
• Tickets to taste donuts from each session
• Three coffee tickets
• Limited edition Donutfest mug
• A goodie bag to take home

Los Angeles Donut Festival

This annual festival draws crowds from all over California as well as from around the country. You can sample many types of donuts, while you wash them down with a good cup of coffee. At the end of the day, you can vote for the “Best Donut in Los Angeles: People’s Choice” award while enjoying a delicious donut burger.

If you want to meet some professional eaters, you may have the chance at this event, as they will be judging the donuts to determine who will earn the title of Best Gourmet Donut in Los Angeles. Also, DoorDash is sponsoring a contest where you have the chance to win free donuts for a year.

The vendors who attend the annual festival, include:
• Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
• Dunkin Donuts
• Kona Essence Groundwork Coffee Tea Community
• Churro Stix Spanish Donuts
• Primo’s Donuts
• Colorado Donuts Eagle Rock California
• Kettle Glazed Great Doughnuts
• Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

The Miami Doughnut Festival

If you are going to be in the South Florida area, you should visit the Miami Doughnut Festival. It is located in Wynwood yard, and the festival offers doughnuts, coffee, and drinks.

You can expect to see samples from doughnut shops around Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties Some of the vendors who will be attending the event, include:
• Beaker & Gray
• Bunnie Cakes
• Donut Divas
• Concrete Beach Brewery
• Elephantea
• Neuro Drinks
• Voss
• Dunkin Donuts

After tasting everything that the festival has to offer, you can purchase your favorite to take home.

If you love doughnuts and want to spend a day celebrating your love of doughnuts, you should consider attending an annual donut festival. A donut festival gives donut lovers a chance to enjoy their favorite tasty treat while trying some new flavors, too.

Crazy Donuts

Donuts You Didn’t Know Existed, But Are Delicious!

Crazy Donuts

At Shipley Do-Nuts, we offer a wide variety of delicious donuts. However, while our ideas are creative, there are some other strange donuts from all over the world that may cause you to scratch your head. But don’t worry; they’re actually delicious!

Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we are proud of all our varied donuts on our menu. We are a donut shop that offers many different types of donuts and kolaches to enjoy. And yet, many different donuts from around the world are creative – wild even. Bakers all over the globe have tried crazy combinations to make donuts you may not know exist delicious taste sensations you have yet to experience.

Donuts Paired with Meat

Many blogs out there have compiled lists of some of the craziest donuts. One of the most outlandish donut flavors we’ve seen are those paired with meat. This craze started with the bacon donut. The combination of the savory bacon and a maple or chocolate glaze has proved to be an unexpectedly great combination.

The meat with donut combo has grown from there. Recently, a recipe for a maple Spam donut has surfaced. Very similar to the bacon donut, this treat mixes sweet with salty, light with crunchy. Another donut shop has created a chicken and waffle donut. This treat – normally a southern dinner delectable – has been turned into a donut, and people are pleased.

Donuts from All Over the World

These strange donut creations are not just happening in America. There are crazy donut- makers all over the world. In Singapore, a Dunkin Donuts shop has created a Wasabi Cheese donut. We can only imagine how that one tastes! In India, there is a donut called the Southern Spice Donut. This pastry is made with various southern spices, and then topped with green chilis and thyme. Who said donuts always have to be sweet?

Donut Sandwiches

Finally, we’ve got donuts people make into sandwiches! Television shows and blogs are catching onto this new trend and actually like it. Imagine your favorite hamburger with the toppings you enjoy the most. Now, eliminate the bun, and replace it with a sweet glazed donut cut right through the middle. It may sound strange, but donut burgers actually create an interesting and tasty combination of sweet and savory.

If you prefer a completely sweet sandwich, there’s something for you, too. People are now eating donut ice cream sandwiches. Just like the burger, a donut is cut in half, but this time, your favorite ice cream flavor is slapped in the middle. Delicious!

Check Your Favorite Donut Shop’s Variety of Donut Flavors

Here at Shipley Do-Nuts, we want to brighten your day by offering the best, most delicious donut flavors. Read about the kinds of donuts we make daily, and then stop by one of our many locations to start snacking right now!