6 Holiday Donut Decorations

6 Holiday Donut Decorations

6 Holiday Donut Decorations

Sugared, glazed or topped with sprinkles, any day is a good day for a donut. The holidays, however, can be a time to get especially creative with the sweet treat. There are several fun ways to incorporate donuts into your holiday fun, whether you try out some new donut craft ideas or try your hand at decorating donuts with some holiday flair.

Reindeer Donuts

Complete with the trademark red nose, these reindeer donuts are easy for both kids and adults to make. First, start with chocolate glazed donuts from your favorite local donut shop. Pop a red, candy-coated chocolate in the middle for the nose and add two white chocolate chips for eyes. With two broken pretzel pieces for antlers, you’ll have one very sweet Rudolph!

Donut Hole Christmas Tree

Depending on the size of tree you’d like to make, you’ll need at least 24 donut holes. Use a Styrofoam cone as your base, covering it with donut holes attached with toothpicks. Drizzle your “tree” with red and green icing thinned with a splash of water, and add sprinkles for ornaments.

Snowmen Donut Faces

Powdered sugar donuts are the start of this easy donut decorating idea. Simply use chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth and a single, orange candy-coated chocolate for the “carrot nose.”

Holiday Donut Hole Wreath

Donut holes, a round plate, and green icing are all you need for the base of this donut craft. Arrange the glazed donut holes in a wreath shape and drizzle with a generous amount of green icing, thinned out with a bit of water. You can use red candies to construct a decorative bow or to imitate the holly berries that often brighten a holiday wreath.

Stacked Donut Hole Snowmen

Using three powdered sugar donut holes, construct a snowman with a toothpick as the center support. You can get creative with the icing for eyes, a nose and a mouth. If you’re really feeling ambitious, give your snowman a holiday sweater!

Peppermint Twist Donuts

Start with warm, vanilla-iced donuts from your favorite donut shop, rolling them in crushed candy canes. Your guests will think you spent hours making the holiday-inspired donut when it only took just a few minutes.

To make your donut crafts easy and enjoyable, skip the homemade donuts and pick up donuts from your favorite local donut shop instead. At Shipley Do-Nuts, we have all the delicious donuts you need to get creative and would love to see your sweet creations. Stop by one of our locations today, and stock up on donuts for all your holiday fun!


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