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The Shipley Do-Nuts concept, like many successful foodservice operations, relies on well trained and qualified staff to support its daily goal of quality and consistent performance. We have strived over the past seventy-seven years to simplify its operation through experience and hard work. The concept requires the development of a staff which is committed to this daily goal to ensure the maintenance of the standards we have set.

Shipley Do-Nuts Flour & Supply Company provides a proprietary donut mix that requires only water and yeast to be added at the store level. Therefore, very little scaling or measuring of ingredients is needed that could cause inconsistent product quality. Our equipment used in the production process is recognized as some of the highest quality and most often found type used in the bakery industry set to the design of our shop specifications. The use of stainless steel is prevalent in our kitchen design to ensure durability and appearance. The ability to present a clean kitchen and store is paramount in the retention of customers.


Shipley Do-nuts offers over 60 different varieties of Do-Nuts, pastries, and kolaches that are all produced from the same simple to use donut mix. This distinguishing feature is rare in the field of competitors today. While some in our industry have sacrificed traditional methods for automated production, we have a more balanced approach. This allows the higher volume capability without losing the traditional customer who expects quality and variety.


Shipley Do-Nuts success is based on its commitment to simplicity, which enables the initial investment to be kept to a minimum. The cost of opening a typical Shipley Do-Nuts shop varies and primarily depends upon the size of the shop, the location, the real estate market in that region, the cost of leasehold improvements, in addition to equipment and fixture costs. A $50,000 franchise fee is an additional start-up cost and an adequate amount of operating capital is required. Shipley Do-Nuts has entry requirements which start at $150,000.00 liquid and $500,000.00 net worth.

Additional information relating to the investment is available in the
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).


As with any retail based operation, location plays an important role in the overall success. Shipley Do-Nuts flexible location requirements provide opportunities in strip shopping centers, and free standing structures. Space needs range from as little as 1800 sq. feet to as large as 2400 sq. feet. The various location options allow donut shops to be located in high profile trade areas with the highly sought after business and residential customer mix.


A comprehensive support system for franchisees is a key aspect of Shipley Do-Nuts success story. The franchisee is given support from the very beginning to ensure the success of the relationship. This is important to the continued growth of our brand as well as the business development of the franchisee.  It is through many years of actual operation of our company owned stores, a close working relationship with our growing franchise network and valuable customer feedback that the current successful system has evolved.

The responsibilities of the Shipley Do-Nut Franchise Company are simple:

To provide the skills and understanding of the “Shipley Do-Nut Concept” so as to give the franchisee the best possible opportunity to be successful.

Some of the ways which this can be accomplished are discussed below.


Three of the most important aspects in a successful donut shop are LOCATION, LOCATION, and LOCATION! Using an established method to obtain the latest demographic data in major trade areas, Shipley Do-Nuts will assist franchisees in finding a desirable location in the targeted market area.


Shipley Do-Nuts assistance in the design layout of your building will be provided by one of our in-house staff who is trained in the operation of a Shipley Do-Nuts shop. The design emphasizes cost efficiency and simplicity of operations.


Shipley Do-Nuts offers a comprehensive training program that consists of over 120 hours of actual hands-on training at one of our training stores. The training covers daily operations, inventory control, sales, service, production, employee staffing, scheduling, bookkeeping, and marketing to teach you the most effective means we have found in operating your Shipley Do-Nuts shop. This program format will help you maximize your potential by permitting you to operate your new business efficiently, regardless of your previous business experience.


After the store opens, Shipley Do-Nuts is still committed to ensuring the success of the franchisee. Our extensive knowledge of marketing will allow the franchisee to spend the dollars wisely in growing sales. Since there is no required additional marketing fees, the franchisee can customize the marketing needs to their location. We can also offer recommendations on how to participate in catering, community events, and centralized production.


We hope this information has helped you to understand the opportunity that owning a Shipley Do-Nut Franchise can provide. We know that there are many questions still remaining, so we encourage you to submit your request in writing so we can begin the process.

Please note, at this time, Shipley Franchise Co. is only accepting applications for the states of: Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. (The city of Houston, TX is closed for development.  We are also not accepting international applications at this time.)


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